Is It Safe to Visit The Salons In New York For Any Hair Related Treatment In This COVID Situation

This COVID has changed the living style of many people. Initially, those who visit the salon and shopping area on daily basis, now feel threatened due to this pandemic. But now everything starts opening and you can’t stay inside your house for long now. Undoubtedly the threat is there but there are precautionary measures that are taken by the salons so that their staff and customers remain safe and their business starts its progress.


Many measures are taken by the NYC Salon to provide safe services. Our skin and hair need the care to maintain their better look. All can go to the salon by following some measures. Read further to know more!


  • Follow No Mask, No Service


Mask is the foremost requirement to prevent ourselves from this situation. Every salon owner and the client must follow one thing that is no masks mean no service. Don’t allow anyone without masks near you. You visit the Best Blonde Colorist NYC to get beautiful and stunning looking color. Go comfortable but remember to carry your mask as well. Being a client or the staff takes care of masks and gloves. This is the sole way to protect ourselves from this disease.


  • Upgraded Layout and Cleaning Procedures

Previously, the used scissors can be reused over other clients, but in this pandemic take care of this as well. Now, do sterilize your scissors and combs once used. When you go to the best balayage salon in NYC, for your hair cut go without fear. Just care whether the equipment is clean or not. Another point to take care of:


  • Customers and workers should wear face coverings. Workers ought to encourage clients to wear face-covering that loop around the ears so that they don’t get to take away it throughout services. If one loop must be removed momentarily for the stylist to succeed in an explicit spot, the customer must hold the face-covering ahead of their nose and mouth.
  • Capacity must be restricted to no quite fifty of the utmost occupancy.
  • The separation is a must between the employees and customers. One must surely maintain six feet of separation, except during the haircutting service.
  • Salons must only entertain the clients that come with an appointment. This is the best way to maintain distance and enhance the business as well.
  • The hair salon should be often cleansed and disinfected, and an amount of your time (such as fifteen minutes) must be left between appointments for full digital computer cleaning.
  • Shared instrumentation must be cleaned and disinfected between uses, and workers must sanitize or wash hands before and when contact with shared items.



Just visit the salon without fear; just follow up on these rules. Palm Salon is one of the best NYC Balayage salons where you can get perfect hair treatments, haircuts, and coloring services. Here they look after their clients very well by maintaining all the prevention measures. Get yourself groomed up and stay stylish always.


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