How to Style Your Hair to Feel Inspired Every Day

With a lot of things going on in the world, you may not be concerned about your hair right now. Well, you should, because the state of your hair, as well as the overall state of your body, plays a big role in how you feel. You can have one of those days where you just feel the worst, but a quick look in the mirror will remind you that you’re worth the effort.

Tidy up and style your hair in these ways to feel inspired:

Space Buns

Paying homage to your favorite sci-fi movie is easy when you have space buns and a costume to go with it. But even when you feel too lazy to take your costume out of the closet, donning a space bun automatically gives you that sweet but edgy vibe. Go to Instagram for some inspiration, or check YouTube for tutorials. Pinterest also has a lot of space buns hairstyles you can try. Go on and add some glitter to your look if you’re missing the music festival vibes.



Some days, you just want to look adorable in your pajamas. Pigtails are perfect for this because they bring out your youth. They’re the hairstyle you want when you’re trying to spice things up for your profile, or you want to surprise everyone with a look that they would not expect. Pigtails also work great as a costume if you’re attending events. If you buy face mask online, you can easily apply them on your face when you put your hair in pigtails to keep them away from the product. But more importantly, pigtails can be your go-to sleeping hairstyle so that your hair will not be all over your face when you wake up.


There is nothing sadder than long, limp, straight hair when you look in the mirror. You want to be greeted with lively, bouncy curls instead, and this will be the best mood booster on any given day. Of course, when you already have naturally curly hair, sometimes you long for straight, more manageable hair. The secret is to follow a holistic method that keeps your hair in its best state, whether that’s naturally curly, or straight but healthy enough for curling tools. Wearing your curls proudly is a fun way to change up your look without doing anything drastic, but the change is significant.

A Low Bun

low buns hairstyle

A classic look, the low bun is perfect when you’re going for a dramatic look. Let it frame your face beautifully with loose strands on the sides. Wear your favorite outfits to work, even if you’re doing it at home, to add a new element to your day. Even if you’re stuck at home, you can be in your best element when you look your best. And what better way to do that than by putting a little effort on your outfit and hair? The low bun may not be a complicated hairstyle, but paired with your favorite office looks, it definitely lends a charm.

Keep bad hair and bad mood days away by wearing your crowning glory in a hairstyle that empowers you.

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