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Top Vastu Tips for South-Facing Homes

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of directions considered significant by many Indians while buying/constructing/designing their homes. By combining all the five elements of nature – ‘Pancha bhootas’ – namely, earth, fire, water, sky, and space, Vastu Shastra aims to eliminate negative energy from your home and channel more positive energy. Through specific positioning, design, directions, and so on, Vastu Shastra helps maintain a harmonious environment in a house, improve overall well-being/relationships, and bring good fortune, among other positive influences.

According to Vastu, northeast, north, east, or west directions are considered best for the main door. So, buyers typically do not favour south-facing houses. However, this does not mean south-facing homes are inauspicious. Apply the key Vastu principles stated below for your south-facing home to bring more positive energy and good fortune.

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Top Vastu Tips for South-Facing Homes

Tip #1 – Position the main door to the centre of the south. 

For a south-facing home, Vastu shastra talks about placing the main door or entrance towards the centre of a south-facing wall or area. This will help bring positive energies to the home. If this positioning is complicated, you can still place the entrances towards the left of the centre, which is also considered auspicious. Positioning the entrance to the centre-right of a wall is not considered auspicious, so this should be avoided. 

Tip #2 – The main door should be the largest.

To bring in more positive energy and eliminate any negative energy flow, ensure that the main door of a south-facing home is the largest door in the house. The main door should also open inwards in a clockwise direction. Add a threshold and keep the area well lighted for increasing positive energy further . 

Tip #3 – Place the master bedroom towards the southwest.

The southwest direction is considered the best direction to position the master bedroom for a south-facing home. So, ensure your master bedroom is placed in the southwest to channel more positive energy and have a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. However, if your south-facing home has multiple floors, then Vastu Shastra suggests that your master bedroom be located at the highest level.

Tip #4 – Place the other bedroom towards the northwest.

As per Vastu principles, the children’s bedroom and other bedrooms must be towards the northwest for a south-facing home. This rule can, however, be modified by placing other bedrooms in the south or west direction. However, the northwest is considered the ideal position.

Tip #5 – The cooking area needs careful consideration.

The kitchen represents the fire element because of the presence of a gas stove here. Vastu principles state that the gas stove’s placement depends on the kitchen’s position. For instance, in a kitchen placed to the southeast, residents should cook facing the east direction for getting maximum sunlight. Likewise, for northwest facing kitchens, cooking should be ideally done facing the west. 

Tip #6 – Choose appropriate colours for a south-facing home.

Vastu principles even provide the ideal colour to be used for your south-facing home. For example, brown, orange and red are considered auspicious for the front of your home. Blue and black are considered inauspicious for houses.

Modifying your home to include the Vastu tips given above will help bring more positive energy and good luck to your south-facing home. However, home renovation is a costly affair. Applying for a home loan from leading lenders like TATA Capital can be worthwhile, as they are easily available with minimal paperwork. You can now avail of customised home loans through the home loan EMI calculator

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