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COLORBOND® Steel Colour Options

When it comes to reroofing your home, you’ll want to consider aesthetics as well as functionality. Everyone wants a roof that does the job of protecting your home whilst looking good at the same time. Luckily, COLORBOND® steel has a range of fantastic colours to choose from to enhance the look of your home. When it comes to reroofing specialist Melbourne wide, look no further. You can use COLORBOND® steel products for the following functions: roofing, guttering and fascia, fencing, garage doors, water tanks, patios and pergolas, walling and sheds.

Inspired by the colours of Australia, COLORBOND® steel’s colour palettes are grouped into five categories: Classic, Contemporary, Ultra, Fencing and the new Matt finish. We’ll list all of the colours from the Classic and Contemporary categories as well as their descriptions here so you can get a feel for what might work for your home. We’ll take a look at the Ultra, Fencing and Matt options next month.


Table of Contents

Classic Cream™ – The clue is in the name. This classic, neutral colour is always a safe option and has wide appeal.
Cottage Green® – This is a stunning, deep and rich green. Inspired by heritage buildings and the green tones of the lush countryside.
Deep Ocean® – Mimicking the rich depths of the ocean, this is a soothing yet conservative colour.
Manor Red® – Evoking the deep red earth of the Australian outback.,
Night Sky® – A strong yet sophisticated colour that contrasts beautifully with paler building colours and materials.
Pale Eucalypt® – This colour truly captures the essence of Australian flora like Australian gum. It’s a subtle, muted hue that promotes a sense of tranquillity.
Paperbark® – Paperbark® is a gentle neutral colour that easily blends with sandy beach environments as well as suburban spaces and inner city locations.
Woodland Grey® – Conjuring scenes of the deep olive green forest.


Basalt® – Matching the solidity and strength of the rock it was named after, Basalt® is a modern, powerful grey with a neutral cast.
Cove® – Perfect for home building projects, Cove® is a gorgeous mid-tone colour that possesses warm yellow and grey tones.
Dune® – Mirroring the dusty earth of the Australian bushland landscape, Dune® is a soft pale grey with warm undertones.
Evening Haze® – Evoking the limestone dunes and coastal landscape of Australia, Evening Haze® carries a hue reminiscent of the desert sand.
Gully® – A rich and complex hue that is contemporary in style and pairs will with a variety of building finishes and materials.
Ironstone® – Recalling moody hues of Australian mountain ranges and stormy, dark skies.
Jasper® – Jasper® is inspired by grainy, granite colours of the coastal and inland regions of Australia.
Mangrove® – Greens with strong yellow tones, Mangrove® is a fabulous elemental colour that ties nicely to the environment of the Australian bush.
Monument® – Evoking the modernity of today’s architecture, Monument® is a great neutral colour that is perfect for city locations.
Shale Grey™ – A soothing, subtle hue, Shale Grey™ is evocative of stones and pebbles on the beach, silvery grey leaves of Australian flora and silty mud plains.
Surfmist® – Another stunning neutral colour, Surfmist® is reminiscent of pure white soft sand as well as the sea and surf.
Terrain® – A rich, rusty red colour that mimics the deep earthy tones of the Australian outback. A bold choice but great for contrast.
Wallaby® – Much like the animal it’s named after, this colour is a soft, natural grey that is earth and warm in tone. Pairs well with other building materials from stone and steel to timber and glass.
Windspray® – A lovely neutral grey with a hint of blue, conjuring images of a misty ocean view on a cloudy day.

Hopefully this list will help you get a sense of what might work for your property. COLORBOND® has a truly wonderful selection and here at Above and Beyond Roof we’re happy to help with any questions you might have regarding selecting colours for your home.

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