Best Office shifting Service in Dhaka

Best Office shifting Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

we transfer your organization’s resources: office furniture, electronic devices, laboratory equipment, or factory equipment to your new facility.

Proper planning and coordination are the foundation of a successful office move. The action plans that move into our office are carefully crafted to reduce lost productivity for your business.

Aware of your privacy needs, we can provide a contracted privacy clause for everyone if needed. Our team is highly dedicated to packing and unpacking your goods with the utmost care and attention. All electronic equipment such as server and modem cabinets are packed in specially designed boxes and transported in air-suspended vehicles.

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Ongoing trade tensions between the United States and Bangladesh have re-negotiated the relocation for many Bangalies business leaders.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in southern Bangladesh found that more than 0 percent of those surveyed in the United States are considering delaying or canceling investments in Bangladesh and relocating some or all of their production lines outside of Bangladesh.

But the transfer is not new. Before the trade war, companies were relocating for a number of reasons.

Rising operating costs and regular inspections were a major concern for companies in developed regions, while new incentives and low costs have dragged companies into less developed regions.

There are many reasons why investors seeking a competitive advantage are moving away from their business. Companies rarely base transfer decisions on a single factor.

Despite its long-term benefits, merchants are considered a troublesome and costly process and are advised to think carefully about all the specific causes and potential problems before moving.

Low-cost on moving service.

One of the most common reasons companies consider relocating can increase costs

Although Bangladesh’s land and labor costs have risen sharply in recent years, they vary widely between regions.

Investors may choose to relocate their business to less expensive areas if the cost of relocation can be offset by the saved operating costs.

For example, from 2013 to 2017, the average cost of industrial land in major Bengali cities rose from 110 110.57 per square meter to 12 127.3, an increase of 15.1 percent.


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