Livebeam streaming platform: How to Spend Your Free Time Online

At Livebeam we think that for many people, online has become a window to the world. Here we spend a lot of time, both work and personal. Do you often check social media? Do you have days when you completely give up on the Internet? We are more than confident that most of you will answer Yes to the first question and No to the second. But how to make your online pastime useful and enjoyable at the same time. We have prepared for you a review of 6 cool ways to spend your free time online. Take note and keep your online time productive.

livebeam: Online Games as a Way to Find Friends

Do you play games often? Have you tried playing online? For more than two decades, gaming communities have proven to be the most cohesive and friendly in the entire global network. People who are united by an interest in the game find like-minded people, unite to win in one level or another, or simply arrange tournaments for their pleasure. There are as many options for games as there are people on the planet. Some people choose classic D&D games, others like cool shooters (greetings to all Call of Duty and Strike fans), others love mind games. Which one will you choose? It’s up to you to decide. Even periodic visits to online casinos are good for fun and challenging pastimes, of course, if you know how to stop in time. Therefore, such entertainment should be used with caution by those who, at the beginning of the game, plunge into it headlong. But sometimes it’s worth it. The game world allows you to change focus from work and everyday life, try on a new role and make your leisure time brighter and more exciting. By the way, friends in the game often transfer communication from online and into reality. And in this feature, games are reminiscent of our next online entertainment. We mean online chats like Livebeam.

Livebeam: Online Chatting

Online chats like Livebeam have been incredibly popular in the past. Then they were supplanted by instant messengers and social networks. But now the chats are taking revenge. They allow millions of strangers, in reality, to communicate without much stress, obligations and restrictions in online space. Sometimes this is all the more exciting because you enter the chat and do not know what kind of interlocutors you will meet there. Maybe it will be an interesting scientist who entered the chat to unwind after work? Or maybe you will find yourself with the wildest fans of your favorite football team? Or will you meet a truly deep person who will give you unforgettable moments of communication on a variety of topics? Everything is possible. And with innovative technologies, online chatting has become even more interesting, because you can arrange not only text conversations but also video communication. Do you want to try this format of the meeting and communicating with interesting interlocutors? Come to Livebeam, Here you will definitely enjoy safe and easy communication with people who also want to chat.

Livebeam: Making Online Parties Is a Bingo

If you and your friends are miles apart, there is always a reason to have a party. It is possible if managing it not in reality but online. The past years of lockdown have helped people come up with a lot of new entertainment. And online parties have become one of the coolest of them all.

What do you need? Your desire, the right platform and a little creativity. By the way, if you don’t have real friends, you can also arrange an online party in an online chat. Livebeam, for example, has a video chat feature that can be configured to include multiple people in a conversation.

At these parties, you can do a wide variety of activities. For example, playing Who am I? You can arrange group games of bingo or intellectual quizzes, chat on different topics with a glass of cocktail (everyone mixes drinks for himself) or sing in karaoke. There are many ideas, the main thing is to organize and choose the best ones.

Livebeam: Take Up Self-Education!


Why should you waste your time when you can spend it online for the benefit of your future. Today, almost all types of education and professions can be learned online. Well, if not all, then very many. All you need is to find interesting courses on one of the global educational platforms, sign up for online dancing or singing classes, choose a foreign language course for yourself. It will bring you a lot of exciting moments while also having real benefits for you and your future. Agree, your boss will be surprised if after a while you report that you have received a web designer certificate. And what promotion you can get if in your free time you will not surf on social networks, but take tasks in Japanese!


By the way, studying with friends is always more fun. Therefore, without a twinge of conscience, involve your friends or acquaintances in such a pastime, even if they are just interlocutors on Livebeam. Besides, the joint study will open up many new topics for discussion for you, so you will definitely not be bored. Also you can find a partner for new hobby at Livebeam!

Livebeam: Take Time For Yourself

While online is often viewed as a means of communication, it is sometimes helpful to set aside time on the Internet just for yourself. This means that one way to spend time online is to do what you love and that help you regain your strength. This can be listening to meditations or watching your favorite TV series on Netflix, sticking to videos with funny kittens on YouTube, or wandering through virtual galleries of museums in other countries. There are many options. It is important that at this time you will be alone with yourself, you will enjoy what you are doing, and at the same time, you will be able to relax and unwind. An hour of such unproductive activity is enough for someone, someone can spend the whole weekend like that. In any case, this is a great way to use the Internet for the benefit of yourself and your mental health. And you can also find a friend for your new hobby at Livebeam.

All of Livebeam 5 ways to spend time online seem obvious. But how long have you applied at least one of them in practice? In addition, you can always alternate them, choosing for yourself time for chatting on one day, and meditation on another. The possibilities of the online space are truly endless, and we are sure that you yourself can name at least a dozen of entertainments that you can do on the Internet. And it is very important that whatever you choose for yourself during your online stay brings you pleasure. Try it yourself, we are sure that even someone who shuns online communication will appreciate all the advantages of virtual entertainment, because with them your life becomes much richer than a simple routine in which home and work change each other day by day.

Livebeam is your window to the world of streaming. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear. Do not hesitate to give Livebeam a try.

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