What Is the Process of Pilot Training in India?

A lot of people have dreamed of becoming a pilot since they were young. Who doesn’t like the idea of wearing a crisp uniform and a license to fly planes from one place to another? But becoming a pilot is not an easy task; it requires an extensive amount of training and education to finally get a license to fly commercial planes.

Though there are different types of pilot license that people can pursue, the basic requirements are almost similar for most of them. In this article, we take you through the steps of requirements and Pilot training in India eligibility.

Best Pilot Training Institute in India

Types of Commercial Pilot

Though you can also get yourself trained to become a pilot in the Indian army that requires a different path. For this article, the main focus will be getting a pilot license for flying commercial planes.

There are two types of the commercial pilot that you can aim for: scheduled pilots and non-scheduled pilots. Scheduled pilots generally fly commercial airlines in India such as Air India, SpiceJet and so on. Whereas the non-commercial pilots only fly chartered and air ambulance planes.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Pilot

There are certain requirements that are necessary to be fulfilled before you become eligible for pilot training. Here is the list of basic requirements and process:

  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen, and they must be in between the age of 18 to 32 years. Anyone over or below is not eligible.
  • Since flying planes heavily rely on eye-hand coordination, it is crucial for the candidate to have a 6/6 vision. But if candidates do not have the same, having power correcting spectacles are also allowed.
  • If the candidate has colour blindness, they are not eligible for pilot training, as it can interfere during flights.
  • Every candidate must have passed 12th class in a non-medical background. This includes having more than 55% in physics English and Mathematics.
  • In case the candidate is not from a non-medical background, they will need to clear the required subjects from an open school. After clearing the exams, the candidate must verify the mark sheet from the board and it will be required to be sent to DGCA.
  • The candidate must be efficient in English. This implies being able to read, write, and speak fluently in English.
  • It is crucial to get a medical certificate as well. As per DGCA, you need to have Class 2 and Class 1 medical certificates depending on the training you are enrolling for.
  • In order to appear for all the exams, the candidate must apply for a computer number generated by the Central Examination Organization.
  • The candidate will also have to go through and clear the police verification form in the area where they reside.

Pilot Training in India Eligibility

How to Begin the Process?

The first step is applying to apply in a flying school that will help you with flying. These flying schools are also necessary to gain your flying hours which are required to become eligible for the commercial pilot license exam.

Planning everything ahead of time is a must since these courses are generally expensive, but it does payout in the end. Once you have finished your training in the flying school, its time to apply for a job in an India Airlines.

If you went with the best pilot training institute in India, they can also help with placements after the training. Hence, choosing the right training program is crucial. Though the process is generally very lengthy, it is completely worth the efforts in the end.