5 Best Ways of eLearning Content Development

In this article, you will get here step by step process of eLearning content development. Don’t even try to miss one point of the process. Must apply the below-mentioned ways to make proper content.

There is a good quote ‘Learning is an art and everyone is not an artist’. So developing content and developing quality content, two are different things. Everyone learns but everyone does not give his best. 

Simply, we know that content development is the process of creating content for websites. It consists of strategy, writing, SEO ( search engine optimization), publishing, and promotion. It is interchangeable with content marketing. 

Addie Waterfall method

Here are the best ways of eLearning content development.

It is one of the most first and important steps while eLearning content development. Never try to skip this anyhow. In this very stage, you have to analyze the learning content keenly. 

After analyzing the content, analyze profiles of the people you are going to compete with. Then check the purpose or objectives of learning. Suppose you have started the course then pay attention to the tasks which you are going to complete. 

  • Scripting

In the stage of scripting, there is a division of modules based on the course. Finalize the content by giving a good ending. One can go with the word document for better performance. 

  • Generating IDD ( Instructional Design Document)

According to the title, hope you are getting the things. This one is the most important way to make any beginners understand. 

Suppose you are giving a piece of work to your web designers without giving any instructions. So at that very time, they will do by his choice but not by yours. 

In this very case, we use to provide instruction to all the modules for developing the content as per our choice. Creating instructional design documents means high-quality documents. 

When we introduce each module then it enhances the quality of content. It also helps the web designers a lot owing to instructional elements. 

  • Development of Prototype

Doing courses can be easy but applying that all on the content can be a little tough. So, in this stage, we try to present the whole course in slides. 

At this point, we give a final touch like putting images, audio, colours, and animations at the place where it suits. Writing should be according to the eLearning content courses. 

Try to rewrite if it is necessary and do revisions again and again till you get satisfied. Make sure that your web development team has done enough research on that very particular topic. So this stage holds a great weight while learning online. 


  • Creation of the Learning Management system version

This is the last and final stage of eLearning content development which is both mechanical and technical. 

In this very stage, stakeholders take responsibility for checking whether the course is AICC/ SCORM/ XAPI compliant. After this, if it is compliant then it is ready to be hosted. 

One can make one’s organization efficient and effective with good consulting services. For this, they must have good skills in learning consulting

Have a look at the top skills required at the time of Learning Consulting.

  • There must be good skills in learning and understanding. These two things help people in enhancing business. It is the key to a successful business. It makes good and clear communication. 
  • Problem-solving with lots of questions is the second skill while learning to consult. This is the best solution for a critical skill for a consultant. 
  • Creative thinking is the key role of learning consulting. So one should have a creative mind.