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5 Must Ask Question Before Buying Hospital Bed Mattress

There is a lot of confusion you go through while buying a hospital bed mattress. It is due to a lack of knowledge and the vast availability of variants. But don’t worry anymore because we have brought here five crucial questions you need to ask before buying a medical mattress or a hospital bed mattress topper. By asking these questions, you can ensure that you pick the most suitable variant for your purpose, and your effort or money doesn’t get wasted.

#1 What Are The Available Types Of Hospital Mattresses?

Various kinds of hospital bed mattresses can be found in the market. Even before you start with the shopping process, you first need to be aware of the available variants and their features. Only then can you pick the best mattress for yourself. Some common hospital mattress types include:

  • Foam Mattresses: These are lightweight options that are suitable for people who tend to develop bedsores or pressure ulcers quickly. The variant is designed to support the bodyweight of the sleeper, keeping the surface balanced for them.
  • Innerspring Mattresses: These are similar to the standard mattresses used in your house. They are economical and preferred for patients who tend to stay less in bed.
  • Medical Air Mattresses: These options are very convenient for almost all types of patients. They come with an altering pressure feature, where you can adjust the pressure points as per the sleeper’s comfort. Several such characteristics in this mattress make it perfect for people who have low mobility and tend to spend additional hours in bed.

You must learn more about these types of mattresses to know which one will fit your individual needs best.

#2 What Is The Size Of The Mattress?

Once you have found the correct type of mattress, the next step is to check its size. If you are buying a mattress for only one person, you can pick the size according to their height. However, still, you should keep the length a little longer than the sleeper’s height. In case you want the mattress or hospital bed mattress topper for multiple patients, you will have to pick the largest size possible.

#3 What Is The Lifespan Of The Mattress?

Some mattresses are for shorter usage, while others remain intact even after years of abrasive use. It will be better if you pick the latter option. But in case you just want the mattress for the recovery period of the patient, the short lifespan mattresses won’t be the wrong choice for you. It will be more economical, and you won’t have to worry about storing it for the long term.

#4 Is The Patient Movement High Or Low?

Patients who have high movements on the mattress require features like perimeter guards. This helps in keeping them secure while sleeping. Shearing traits of the medical air mattress have to be checked, as well, for these patients. It helps in keeping the patient away from rashes due to excessive rubbing against the surface.

#5 How Much Maintenance Does The Mattress Require?

Medical mattresses and hospital bed mattress toppers should be easy to maintain and include waterproof, stainproof, and antibacterial features. These will make sure that the mattress doesn’t require to be cleaned every now and then.

Ask these questions, and find the most suitable medical air mattress for yourself or your loved ones.

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