Would you like to travel more but always find yourself with empty pockets? Did you think you were traveling at low cost but are you spending more than you should? Don’t be mad, these are problems that affect us too. Hoping to help you, here are some travel savings tricks we have come up with practice.


10 tips and tricks to save while traveling

Book your trip in advance ..

If you are one of those people used to planning everything well in advance, you already know that by doing this you can find the most affordable deals on flights and accommodation. For intercontinental travel and those in high season (Christmas holidays, Easter, bridges and summer months) it is almost essential to move from 3 to 12 months in advance.

On the contrary, if you always end up getting organized at the last second, the last minute could come to your rescue. Pack your suitcase and check out some offer sites: Traveling Pirates is one of our favorites.

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 Use search engines to compare flights and car rental:

Whether you have a specific destination in mind or just an indefinite desire to leave, the flight search engines can help you. By comparing prices and dates, you can easily find the cheapest combination that suits your needs.

The same thing goes for car rental. Use a search engine to compare the different rates and companies, but also take into account the “hidden” costs. Find out about the amount of the deposit that will be held on your credit card.

Whenever possible, choose a local car rental: the costs are much lower and the rental conditions more flexible. For example, you may find a company willing to accept cash or debit card payments, as we did in Crete.

Travel in the low season and during the week:

It’s the tough law of the market: when everyone does it, travel costs more. During the holidays, long weekends or the months of July and August, the prices of flights and accommodations are higher.

Traveling in the low season and on weekdays can be an excellent solution. Imagine yourself at the sea with your feet soaked in May or September: on the beach you will find very few people and more livable temperatures.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to go on vacation in the low season, but avoiding leaving and returning on weekends – especially in July and August – can save you a lot.

 Hand luggage only:

For a couple of years we have learned to travel only with hand luggage. It is not easy to get out of the logic of the large suitcase, the one to be loaded on an airplane and containing the clothes to face any climate, from arctic cold to equatorial heat.

But remember that you won’t need sweaters during the week on Sicilian beaches in August, just as you won’t need shorts if you go skiing in Christmas.

As you know, loading a suitcase in the hold has become very expensive today. Sometimes, such a choice could even double the price of the plane ticket! If you really have to bring a suitcase, select the baggage at the time of booking, because almost all companies apply a surcharge for those who decide to add it later.

Do like us: learn the art of hand luggage. It is more comfortable, cheaper and less stressful. We have been using a Cabin Max backpack for a long time and we love it.

 Choose the airport closest to the center:

Another thing not to be underestimated is the distance from the airport to the city center. Often some companies fly only to the most distant airports, with the consequence that the transfer will cost you more. Not only that, but you will also waste precious time that you could devote to your trip.

Don’t let yourself be lulled by the mirage of a cheaper plane ticket: the most distant airports may cost less, but those few dollars  you have saved you will surely lose when you have to move to the chosen city. For Visa related issues consult here

Book an apartment to save on meals:

More than a solution to save money, this is a real salvation for those who often travel to northern Europe. Some cities, for example the Scandinavian ones, are a bit over budget for us poor Mediterranean people.

By choosing an apartment instead of a hotel, you will have two immediate advantages: savings on the cost of accommodation (because apartments cost much less than hotels) and the ability to cook meals at home when eating out becomes economically prohibitive. We put this strategy into practice on our trip to Oslo

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Watch out for discount coupons:

Coupons are the guardian angels of travelers. Become a serial collector of Booking, Airbnb, similar codes, which you can apply at the time of purchase to reduce the cost of the booking. Here are our discount codes for you:

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 Dine out… with intelligence:

Are you one of those people who dive into the first inviting restaurant without careful planning? Bad bad. Consult the restaurant sites to peek at the price list or the images uploaded by users on Trip advisor (they may have photographed the menu).

If you want to save a little more without sacrificing taste, go for markets or street food. For example, eating in the markets in London we managed not to set foot in a local for 3 days.

Evaluate the purchase of city cards and season tickets for vehicles:

If you are planning a trip to a city with many paid museums, for example, a capital city like Brussels, it might be worth buying a city card that includes admissions to major attractions, travel on public transport, and other discounts.

In general, each city offers affordable daily rates for public transport. Consider in advance if you will need it: if your accommodation is centrally located, prefer walking. Not only will you save money, but you will have the opportunity to explore your destination much deeper.

Make a list of free attractions:

If your destination is a big city, you will have many attractions to visit for free. For example, in London and Edinburgh many museums are free. The same goes for Dublin, here is a list of things to do without spending a euro.

Search online for free walking tours: these visits, usually organized by associations, will allow you to discover your destination with the eyes of a local, for the only cost of a small offer.