What to do in Thailand with Your Family

Traveling is always so enjoyable, especially after being so long at home. Of course, traveling with your family is even better as long as you choose a location that suits well with all your family needs.
Thailand is a beautiful country with so much to see and do. The country really gives all travelers so much in terms of attractions, interests, and value for money – what makes it a perfect location for a family vacation. Unlike some other places, Thailand has a lot of family-friendly attractions that will entertain everyone, in all ages. In this post, we will talk about some of the best things for you on your Thailand family vacation.

There are so many amazing places that both adults AND children can have fun (apart and together) while traveling through the land of smiles – Thailand. The idea of a Thailand family vacation sounds great and it sure is doable, easily!  Check out just a few of many things you can ALL do on your family trip to Thailand.

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park

Water park for thailand family vacation

Wow! This place is so much fun, and not just for kids.. Water parks are a great way to spend time with the family, cool off on a hot day, and have some fun in the water. Fantasia Lagoon Water Park is so cool and huge! If you ever go to Thailand, then you must stop here with your kids. You can spend hours here. You will have some quiet time sitting next to the water, if that’s what you wish for, OR join your kids for some wild slides. One thing for sure is that your kids will thank you for that day!

What makes this park even greater is that it is not a well-known water park, which means shorter lines! Plus, it is not too expensive. You will pay around 200 Baht or about 6 dollars. Well worth the quality time you will get with the family. Enjoy your day sliding down the slides and swimming in the giant pools. Stop by the park; you will not be disappointed.

What else? let’s have a quick look at some more things to do for a family trip to Thailand.

Chatuchak – Weekend Market

Chatuchak Market

One of the biggest markets in Bangkok, and most probably in the whole of Thailand is the weekend market which named in the Thai Language: Chatuchak. Clear your Sunday and prepare to get lost walking around the narrow alleys of this fascinating weekend market. There are so many people selling so many things; you will surely find something you want for you or your kids or the family. You can come here to shop if that’s your thing or you can simply walk around and stop just to eat, as there are tons of amazing food stalls all over to sit and eat once you’re tired and need a break. Either way, you will have a good time and will definitely remember this one special spot on your family trip to Thailand.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to see this whole place in one day because it is just that big.. and coming there with your kids can be challenging in a way as there are so many eyes caching distractions which might and will slow you down. But that’s ok as you can keep coming back for more and still not be bored. If you have the time, then stop by the market and make a day of it; you will have a lot of fun.



If markets and water parks are not your things and you more into some history, then you should really think of visiting the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya. Founded back in 1350, the city has maintained its splendor as a major tourist attraction for anyone visiting Thailand. Even though the Burmese attacked it during the 18th century, the ruins remain a fun destination for you and your family.

There is no fee to enter the park, but it will cost around 50 Baht to enter the park’s temples. You can also rent a bike and see the ruins in style, this is recommended for families. Ayutthaya is an amazing place and is fun. Spend a day here and create some everlasting memories that your family will thank you for.


At the End of the Day…

Thailand is one of the best choices for a vacation with your kids or travel with your friends. There is so much to do for both you and your family; it’s just a perfect place. Remember, there are way more things to do or places to see than what was mentioned in this post; go out there and explore. You and your family will love all the sights that Thailand has to offer. So, whenever you get a chance, take a trip to the ‘Land of Smiles’ and create some amazing memories for a Thailand family vacation.

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