Advantages of long tail keywords

Keywords are the words that a customer types in the search bar on top of Amazon to find the product that they want to buy and hence they are the most important factor in driving traffic on your Amazon page. When a user comes to your page, they either end up buying the product which they were looking for or return from it because it’s not what they want to buy. Therefore, it’s important to have relevant keywords because if they are not capable of bringing in enough sales that means you have a lower conversion rates and you end up spending a lot on your Amazon PPC strategy services.

Long tail Keywords

These are more specific and accurate keywords than the regular one or two words. PPC campaigns are the pay-per-click sponsored ads that can be wither created by an amazon PPC agency or by the seller himself, where you only pay when a user clicks your ad. 

Therefore, long tail keywords are quite helpful in increasing the conversion rates for your product because only the percentage of buyers who are actually looking to buy that specific item will come to your page, saving you unwanted clicks on your campaign and visits to your page.

  • For example, let’s compare two sellers who are selling a ‘battery – operated remote- control toy car’ for kids and seller A picks up the keyword ‘toy car’ and seller B picks up ‘remote control toy car’ or ‘battery–operated remote control toy car’.
  • Here, seller A would expect a larger traffic on their page because the customers who might be looking for a wooden toy car or a Hot-wheels kind of stuff would also visit and then return. While the customers might end up not making any purchase, seller A would end up paying a fixed fee to Amazon every time a user clicks on their campaign.
  • And seller B might not drive in large number of users to their page, but they will attract just the right type of customers who are looking specifically for a battery – operated and a remote -control toy car for their kids. 

Hence, having relevant long tail keywords results in increasing the conversion rate, boosting the sales without investing too much on an Amazon PPC management agency.

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