6 Memorable Virtual Christmas Party Games Ideas In 2020

6 Memorable Virtual Christmas Party Games Ideas In 2020, Pandemic is at its peak, the whole world is under its threat and suffering from it. Our whole lifestyle is changed. Now, we can’t go outside, we can’t meet with our friends and loved ones. We can’t hang out with them. We can’t have a party, we can’t gather to celebrate any occasion.

We all have to wear a mask, sanitize ourselves and things. We all have to maintain social distancing and take all the precautions for the prevention of this pandemic. But it doesn’t mean, we will celebrate Christmas and New Year. It doesn’t mean we will not do the Christmas party and play games.

6 Memorable Virtual Christmas Party Games Ideas In 2020

Nothing can stop us from being happy. Now, the whole world becomes digital, so why not us. Students are attending class on video chat, businessmen doing meetings, people doing engagement, and weddings. So why not we can have a virtual Christmas party. Now, you guys will ask what about the fun, what about the games and music. So don’t worry about the fun. It’s my assurance that fun will not be less. You all will enjoy it a lot. Because today, I will tell you about the six amazing games that you can play at a virtual Christmas party and can enjoy a lot. 

Making Santa Claus cake 

We all know it’s Christmas, so it can’t be complete without Christmas cakes. So why not let’s change it into a game. Fix a timer and tell all the members who are in this party through video chat. They all have to bake a cake, and it should be Santa Claus design. This will be a super fun game, and whoever wins will receive an amazing gift. This will make all of you feel super energetic. It will make your virtual Christmas party a memorable Christmas party. 

Dumb Charades 

This is one of the oldest but one of the most interesting games ever. This is the reason why in so many movies, this game has been played. This is one of the funniest and teamwork games. So make two teams, and play this game. To tell the movie name, you can call the opponent on the phone or you can send a message. The team who will lose this game has to order for the cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever winning team members live. 


This is also one of the oldest games. But everyone gets together, it can’t be complete. If you haven’t played this game. So you can play this game at your virtual Christmas party. But here will be a twist in this game. Unlike regular antakshari, the opponent doesn’t have to sing from the last letter of the song. Her opponent has to sign from the last word of the song.  This will be a great twist, and it will make the game interesting. And the winning team has the right to choose the happy new year cake flavor and design, for the new year party. 

Never have I ever 

This is also a super fun game. You can play this game whenever you want. You just need a few people just like you. I am sure you must have known about this game. If not, then here I am telling you. One member has to say something that he or she has never ever done in life. Those who have done it have to take a sip of shots, that’s it. 

Truth and dare 

This is also one of the best games ever, especially when all the same age people gather. So here, you all can’t make a circle. So for the replacement of people, you can draw a circle and put the number instead of people. Everyone has to choose one number. One member will spin the bottle from his or her home, those who will get caught. They have a choice, to tell the truth, or dare and do what others will say or ask. 

Guess the song from its tune

 You can play it with a team or single also. One person will play the tune of any song, other has to guess the song. Simply who will guess the most right will be the winner. 

So now, sorted for the virtual Christmas party games. Nothing can stop you from being happy and celebrating. It’s just what you want to do. I am sure these games will increase the fun of your party. Everyone will never ever forget this virtual Christmas party in life and the fun they have done. So now, fix all the timing and send an invitation to your guest to come to on group video chat for the virtual Christmas party.

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