Suffering from Allergies? Choose an Organic Cotton Mattress Pad for Your Bed

There is no one straight path to healthy living but many. Different people try different ways or hack to achieve it. Some like to jog every day, some believe in oil-free eating, and some undergo a lot of treatments to appear in shape. But have you ever wondered that changing your bedding can impact your health positively? Well, the secret lies in a cotton mattress pad.


Embrace Healthy Sleeping


Probably, you are wondering what healthy sleeping could be?! Is it some sort of a new technique or a sleeping posture? Well, before answering the question you need to acknowledge that a bedroom might be a source of several chronic diseases. Your bedroom, for instance, might seem absolutely neat and clean, but you are never sure about the microscopic allergens growing on your mattress.


The Indoor Allergens


Although invisible, these foreign substances can be the cause behind your and your family’s allergic conditions, including:


  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing


And believe it or not, these hidden allergens can also cause:


  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Eczema
  • Joint pain


These tiny but harmful allergens could be:


  • Molds
  • Pet hair
  • Dust mite
  • Pollen


Eliminate Synthetic Bedding


Also, if you didn’t know, the cheap, synthetic mattresses that are widely available in the market contain cancerous chemicals. If you or your child is resting on a synthetic mattress regularly, then you are allowing the body to inhale those toxic chemicals that can lead to adverse health disorders. Moreover, if your skin is highly sensitive and reacts to certain elements quickly, generating skin issues, then it’s time you consider changing your bedding accessories.


So what would you do to make your bedroom allergen-free? Can the aforementioned cotton mattress pads be of some help? Yes, for healthy sleeping what you need is organic cotton bedding products!


Why Do I Need a Pad for My Mattress?


A bedroom is a rather personal space, and different people prefer different styles for making the bed when it comes to taking a nap or just unwinding. You might not have been an admirer of the mattress pads, however, you will be surprised to know the pads are:


  • Very thin and light, easy to lay or move
  • Protects mattress from daily wear and tear
  • Guards the mattress against stains
  • Clings to the mattress, stays stable
  • Reduces the unwanted and disturbing mattress noise
  • Can be washed easily


How an Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Can Prevent Allergies?


While choosing a cover for your mattress, don’t even think about buying the low-cost, artificially engineered pads. Rather, bring home the soft and comfortable organic mattress pads. And here’s how a cotton pad can help you achieve an allergy-free lifestyle:


  1. Hypoallergenic


When you are buying from a reputed brand, rest assured that your organic mattress pad is hypoallergenic. Such products prevent dust mites, bed bugs, and mildew from infesting your bed, maintaining its hygiene. A hypoallergenic pad is also recommended for asthma patients so that they enjoy a sound sleep every night without the disruptive breaks.


Plus the cotton mattress pads also come with all-round hypoallergenic protection covering all 6 sides—the top, the bottom, and the sides.


  1. No Toxic Chemicals


A non-allergic cotton bedding material will never contain any hazardous chemicals. Above all, most of the organic bedding equipment are duly certified which proves their credibility.


  1. Minimum Pore Size


The tinier the better! Did you know that your mattress or mattress pad pore size can play a key role in abolishing the allergens? Pore size as a minimum of 2.6 microns is proven to be effective against allergic microbes.


  1. Breathable Material


Cotton itself is a breathable material, and that’s the reason why experts always prescribe wearing cotton undergarments. Similarly, a cotton mattress pad assures adequate airflow that keeps your body cool during the summers and regulates body temperature according to the room atmosphere.


  1. No Latex


Many people are allergic to latex, hence avoid such bedding materials. The organic mattress pads, on the contrary, are made from nothing but health-friendly, premium-quality cotton.


Hassle-Free Machine Wash


To get rid of the ultra-fine dust particles and debris, a machine wash and dry is enough. You may launder the mattress pad occasionally to keep it cleansed.


  1. 100% Comfort


The synthetic fiber weaved beddings can never offer that snug feeling which a cotton mattress pad can give. As the synthetic cloth is harsh to the skin, the polyester surfaces can barely provide one an undisturbed sleep.


What Else Makes Organic Cotton Mattress Pads So Special?


Every esteemed manufacturer, who claims to prepare organic bedding accessories, confirms that their products are cruelty-free. To be double sure, you can always cross-check their sites. The cruelty-free cotton bedding makers state it very clearly on their official website that no sheep were harmed while producing the cotton fabrics.


Naturally, won’t you select a product for your loved ones that promotes zero animal violence?!


So now that you know, the organic cotton mattress pad promises to restore your health while you relax, guaranteeing peaceful bedtimes, you’ll obviously make a smarter purchase next time. Because no matter what, you can’t compromise good health and good sleep.


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