Places in Dubai that are a Must-See for Art Lovers

Many people don’t know that Dubai, the city of gold, also has an artsy side to it that every art lover must explore. There are many centres for artworks in Dubai that are worth seeing and today we’re going to discuss some of them that are a must-see for any art lover.

Dubai isn’t only home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers rather Dubai is a city where you get to learn a lot about art and history. Now, let’s explore some of the places in Dubai which will definitely quench your thirst for art.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Founded in 2008 the Cuadro Art Gallery at Gate Village has a wide range of exhibitions, art consultancy and many education programmes in the field of art. When you visit the gallery, you will notice that it has much to offer. The art gallery not only does exhibitions but also offers lectures, workshops and panel discussions organized by the Cuadro Education Programmed. The gallery promotes modern art and has a consultancy and residency programme of three months by the end of which artists can put up their work for exhibition at the gallery.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

The tomb of Umm an-Nar is from the 2300 BCE and archaeologists and artists of today consider it a very impressive building among numerous other funeral sites in Mleiha. It offers a ton of information about the people who used to live here. The visitation centre surrounds the tomb and oozes grandeur and glimpses of modern architecture and design. The centre contains a small museum full of multimedia displays that show the history and provide knowledge of the place.

You can also explore the desert and the area surrounding the tomb on dune buggies and mountain bikes. Facilities at the centre include overnight camping, star gazing, cycling in the desert and a tour of numerous other archaeological sites in Mleiha. Just imagine yourself, learning about history as you ride across the desert in a dune buggy, sounds thrilling, right!

Opera Art Gallery

Gilles Dyan started the Opera Art Gallery in 1994. Now it is an internationally established organization with offices in Paris, London, Geneva, New York, Dubai and numerous others. It holds exhibitions all across the world and enthusiastic artists are very eager to attend and take part in them as The Opera Art Gallery offers artwork of high quality and holds a reputation for excellence, discretion and integrity to the rather demanding clients in the world of art. The Opera Art Gallery assesses the quality, authenticity of the artwork before putting it up for exhibition. It is a must-visit place, it is known to offer inspiration to many young and new artists. The gallery also exhibits the type and style of art that is popular in the 21st century.

Al Bastakiya District

Better known as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a historical place. The buildings in the Al Bastakiya district are very significant to the history of the emirates and date back to the start of the federation of the Emirates. In the 1890s a British architect Rayner Otter was in charge of the construction of this district.

If you visit this place, you will get to see a tall tower that is made of traditional material like impenetrable stones, sandalwood, gypsum and palm wood. The buildings are in a specific alignment with lawns, public spaces and walkways. The architecture of this area gives it a natural diversity.

Some places to visit in this area are,

  •   Dubai Museum

It is in the Al Fahidi Fort, which is known to be the oldest building in Dubai. The museum holds some artifacts from Bedouin life and other excavation sites.

  •   Grand Mosque 

The mosque was constructed in 1900 and its rebuilding was done in 1960. The mosque is famous around the world because it does now allow in discrimination n who enters it and everyone, Muslim or non-Muslim has permission to preach in it.

Moving Image Museum

Filmmaking is itself an art. If you’re into filmmaking and photography, head on over to the Moving Image Museum. The museum holds items dating back from the 1730s to the twentieth century and all of them are original. It covers the rise of the cinema industry, the early days of shadow theatres to the invention of 3D and modern-day cinema. The main purpose of this cinema is to share the history of cinema through objects and clips and equipment collected over a period of 35 years by Mr Akram Miknas, a businessman with a keen passion for photography.

Every city has its own history and culture. Therefore, we hope that by exploring some of these Art museums in Dubai you’ll be able to learn a lot about the Emirati culture.

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