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What is biography?

The biography is written to show some other person’s life. It can be enjoyed for a person who loves to write but sometimes tiring and labour requiring when research is to be made about the events of the person’s life. The author of the biography must take permission from the personality on whose life, he wants to write the biography. After that, the author must research the subject and tell the person that he wants to write the biography aligning to the subject that he has researched.

The sources of information should be searched by the author so that he can get the right and correct information related to the subject. The sources can be living and nonliving. The related persons like an official colleague and the family relatives can be living sources. While different events, projects and different achievements can be the nonliving sources.

According to Ana, an expert writer at, “The author must spend time with the person so that he can conduct multiple interviews to research a person’s life”. These interviews will help the author in finding out so many major stories that can give a meaning to the person’s biography. The author cannot get these stories from different books and news available through media.

Always try to reach those geographical locations which are of importance to the person’s life story. The hangout places of the person and other places like his favourite restaurents can add value to writing.

Proper arrangement-

Proper arrangement should be made about all the events that the author has collected from different sources with time and year.  This practice will help the author to write the biography including all significant events chronologically. The sequence of the life can be arranged period wise like childhood, young life , period before starting the career, period after any struggle etc.The author should always use remembrances so that he can relate different past events with the present scenes of his writing.

For example-

An author can first tell about the death of the person and then remembers his life as he is looking the person alive.

The author should always keep his attention on the major events of ones life and not on other events which are of least importance to the person’s life and to the subject which the author has selected. In addition, the author can also include his thoughts and views regarding different act and situations included in his writing. The author can also give suggestions on different difficult time faced by the person. He can also appreciate different doings of the person which shows courageousness of the person.

At last…

At last, the biography should be thoroughly read for checking any kind of mistakes such as grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Other authors should be given chance to read the biography before publishing who can be trusted for not stealing the idea but can give you additional suggestions to improve it.  By following the above suggestions, one can write a biography by accomplishing all the requirements needed for writing a biography.

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