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Best 5 Healthy Breakfast Dishes To Eat

In the whole day, mostly we take three times of meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. A day starts with the first meal, which is breakfast. It is the meal, which gathers all the energy to our body to work for the whole daylong. Hence, for the first meal everyone should take only the nutrition and healthy foods instead of taking the unhealthy foods. For the breakfast, one can prepare the fast and easy breakfast dishes to eat.

The healthy fast food breakfast helps the body in numerous ways. Even it fights with different kinds of health related problems as well. One can eat fruits or fruit juices for the breakfast or can any other healthy foods for the breakfast as well. Most of the Indian women try to prepare something, which can take the least of the time, and even the dish will be healthy and tasty as well.

Therefore, one can try out the top fast food breakfast recipes daily for eating in the morning and you can make those breakfast recipes with the help of the lowest ingredients as well. Moreover, the kids want the foods very quickly on their plate and something, which will be very interesting to look. Otherwise, they will not liking the foods at all.

Some Of The Healthy Fast Breakfast Foods For You All

Now here in this context, we will offer you the easiest recipes for you all to make. Within some of the time, you will prepare the dishes to serve. Let us see the fast healthy breakfast recipes briefly.

1. Banana And Almond Porridge

In the fruits, there are so many people, who daily eat banana. It is very beneficial for the health of the kids and their skin as well. On the other hand, almonds are very nutrition as well. Daily eating of the almonds can bring a good health for anyone who eats it. For the breakfast recipe, one can make the banana and almond porridge. This food dish is very simple to make and even healthiest.

2. Peas And Potato Sandwich

There are different types of sandwiches available in the food shops whether it is veg or non-veg. even you can make these sandwiches at your houses too with the help of the very fewest ingredients. One can simply make the peas and potato filling sandwiches for a healthy breakfast to eat regularly.

3. Quinoa Lentil Salad

Another one of the fast and simple healthy breakfast recipes is quinoa lentil salad. Simple and plain recipes are easy to make and serve at the breakfast table. However, you will have to pay extra attention about the foods whether it is nutrition added food or less. If you only take the innutrition foods then you body, will not the benefits.

4. Masala Omlette

Whether it is a boiled egg or an omelet in your plate, your breakfast will be complete. An egg offers us the best protein for the body. Hence, you can make the masala omelet for the breakfast, as it is very quick to make and on the other side very tasty as well.

5. Besan Ka Cheela

One can make the besan ka cheela for the breakfast as well to eat. All you need for the ingredient is besan just. Mostly the Marwari people like to eat these types of breakfast and through the health of these types of foods, you can get all the helpful sides of the besan as well. Moreover, if you want to make something very fast then you can select this recipe to make and serve to the family members.


Thus, all these five food recipes you can prepare for the breakfast daily to save some times of your and get the nutrition elements as well.

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