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8 Reasons Why Your Agency Should Become a White Label Mobile App Reseller


The current scenario amidst COVID-19 has led to the astounding rise in numbers of mobile users across the world. As per one Ericsson Mobility Report, the first half of 2020 witnessed sharp behavioral changes in people due to lockdown restrictions and virus scare, which eventually triggered the massive usage of mobile phones. The latest prediction is, there could be a 25% sharp rise in mobile traffic by the year 2025. The crux is – people are consuming mobile through all kinds of applications serving their purpose. They give more than 90% of the mobile time to apps. This could be a ripe time to invest in this segment and become a White Label Mobile App Reseller. The point is, you need not start from scratch, but, it’s all about presenting an Old Wine in a New Bottle– rebranding and selling an app created by some third party.

Why should you become a White Label Mobile App Reseller? How is it going to benefit your business? Find out your answer in the ensuing paragraphs-

With the sharp rise in demand for mobile apps in this digital world, mobile applications are ruling all types of businesses across industries. You just cannot afford to ignore the digital trend and let go of the fact that your agency needs an overhauling of business strategies. You may have several clients dealing in different sectors, so, they have their own, unique business requirements. As said just now, all of them use mobile and so do their client-base. You have to provide them with customized mobile applications. Starting from scratch is not required rather RMAD platforms help you to achieve the goal.

  1. It’s an inexpensive way to garner business

You don’t have to plan big to step into this venture because a small investment to your already existing business will suffice. It means the cost structure to avail of this reselling program would only be a meager sum in the form of monthly fees you are paying towards the service of app-building. Then, you set your pricing structure and charge from your clients because they are the ones waiting to serve their customers as well! Thus, as a White Label Mobile App Reseller, you can expect high Return-on-investment.

  1. No technical skills, just build and sell

There’s no need to hire a technical expert or app –developer to code things for this kind of business activity. Yes, you are building an app but in a most non-technical way. The do-it-yourself platform is what most of the reselling programs are having as an inbuilt feature. You don’t have to design an app as you get this app design service by default (a paid service). Just on fewer clicks, you can customize the same app to your clients’ needs, resell to them in the format they want. This is why white-label mobile agency reselling is becoming quite a flourishing business. Why should you lag then? 

  1. Affordable business deals for your clients 

You are indeed dealing with a lucrative business not only for yourself but for your clients, too. Your clients, clients’ clients, and the chain goes on. Becoming a While label mobile application reseller is easy as it does not require huge investments and the clients are happy to pay you for the apps they bought from you. After all, their business is also growing in the process.

  1. Reviews help assess your success rate 

When you are deciding to start this white label mobile app reselling business, it’s quite genuine to be apprehensive taking all sorts of pros and cons into account. However, once you start it, based on the fact that it is indeed a big revenue market today, you get constant reviews about your apps on the Google Play store. The opinion, the reviews that are enlisted there works wonder to your business because you keep on upgrading your existing apps s per the suggestions extracted. Mobile app KPIs help you monitor users’ experience that determines their satisfaction level.

  1. Rebranding opportunity 

Your clients know you are not an actual mobile app development company. So, you can easily project your application the way you want. You can put your brand name onto the original one. Just put your label, agency design, logo, and present to your prospects and existing clients. After all, they are also looking for a reseller because they know the unlimited opportunities they are getting out of it. You are giving them a platform for multiple usages as per requirement. The entire look bears a professional tone and you come out as a brand reseller in the market.

  1. Genuine value addition to your service

As a unique brand, you are available to offer genuine service to the business world. Businesses, clients will approach you based on your name and brand, your reviews, status in the survey report, etc. This is all because of the immense scope of this reselling business. The entire system works in a way you can easily connect and so do your clients.

  1. Lucrative business in this recession

Although the mobile application industry is booming, there is a big competition in the market where businesses are struggling to cope up with the pandemic effects. They want to make a comeback but in a segment where they get maximum returns. Looking at all these factors, you can take a leaf, too, because this segment is the one that can be explored owing to its massive business growth prospects.

Becoming a White Label Mobile App Reseller is indeed an opportunity that you should not let go of and capitalize on the immense 

prospects you come across.






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