Reasons why WordPress is perfect for small businesses
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Reasons why WordPress is perfect for small businesses

One of the great challenges that small companies have without a doubt is controlling expenses, since being a profitable company will depend on good administration and decision-making.

A website is essential for any large or small company in the 21st century, however, these can become very expensive especially for those who start a business.

WordPress is a platform that managed to give a 180 ° turn to many small companies since it allows you to create websites for free. While it is true that getting paid plans you have better services, there are still reasons why the free version of WordPress is an ally for SMEs.

Here is a list of good reasons to start using WordPress if you don’t have a website for your small business yet.

  1. it’s free

You can download the WordPress application to use its server for free and develop your website there, you do not have to pay anything to obtain the program.

However, what is a server?

Basically, it is a computer that never turns off and supplies other computers (yours and mine) with the resources we need, for example, files in the cloud, emails, videos, audios, etc.

This means that WordPress allows you to show your website through its server for free. Keep in mind that the free version is quite limited in terms of what you can modify on your website there and join a web development company in lahore.

  1. It is intuitive

You don’t need to be a programmer to use WordPress. Its platform is simple and allows you to make page entries, publications, schedule a content calendar, etc., quickly and easily.

Even blog or website customization becomes easy thanks to the theme it offers,  these are templates that you can place to change the appearance of your site.

  1. It has a great variety of plugins

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use WordPress is the number of plugins or add-ons that are available to you on your site. This helps improves your website in different areas such as design, marketing, SEO, etc.

These allow you to modify your website so that it stands out from your competition.

What exactly is a WordPress plugin?

Basically, they are software or applications that have different functions to improve the aspects of your website in WordPress. For example, if you have a phone sales website, with a plugin you can add the shopping cart so that your customers can pay you for the cell phone so they can get it.

There are more than 50,000 plugins available in WordPress and each of them offers you a different function that you can add on your website to improve it.

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  1. It is a secure platform

Currently, there is no software that is inviolable, however, in terms of more efficient security systems, WordPress has one of the best you can find. This happens because it is constantly updated and improved, they are always creating new and better security patches to improve the customer experience of the platform.

This is undoubtedly vital for small businesses, which must always offer a privacy policy to their customers, and in this sense, WordPress is one of the safest CMS you will find on the internet.

What is a CMS?

By its acronym in English CMS means Content Management System that we can translate as Content Management System? This means that WordPress is a platform dedicated to managing content on our website.

For example, there you can create the content in a post, manage when it comes out (date and time), publish it, etc., on a website or blog.

5. It is designed for SEO

WordPress is designed so that SEO works in a complementary way on your website and helps drive traffic to it. That is why many of the small business owners take advantage of this platform to build the community or their niche markets that will be the foundation for their future clients.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or search engine rankings, is the process by which improve our visibility in different search engines. That is, they are the actions we do so that our website is found as the first search option in Google, for example.

SEO is not a plugin or something like that, but strategies that allow us to achieve that positioning and the advantage of WordPress are not only that it allows you to do it easily, but that it guides you on how to do it when you are starting with your website.

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