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Why Your Video Content Is Not Getting the Right Kind of Results – 5 Mistakes in Producing Video Content

You invested thousands of dollars creating what you thought was the perfect kind of video content – you hired the best 2D animation company but got no results – you tried your best sales pitch in the video but haven’t gotten much of the conversions you thought you would?

Here are 5 mistakes that you might be making in your video content production. After knowing these, your conversion rate is going to be right back on track – let’s take a look:

  1. Too Wordy

The biggest mistake to put in a video is to make it crammed up with a lot of words. This makes it extremely hard to follow the video for a first-time viewer.

Secondly, adding too many words will cost the video to lose its value that it intends to convey. Therefore, keep it to the point and add punchy words but only a few.

  1. Poor Branding

It is not impossible that you end up making a great video, but forget to credit who made it. Branding is of pivotal value when it comes to maintaining business exposure.

Including your business name, logo, social accounts, and contact address and the number are very important. The last thing you want is to turn viewers into people who want to purchase your products but do not really know who is the one selling it and how to get in contact with them.

  1. Poor CTA

Have you included CTAs like “Get in Touch Now!”, “Place an Order Now” and “Contact Us”? The problem is right there in front of your eyes.

You want a conclusive sentence before a CTA – which aims to put the need of the customer first and then, the availability of your product or service to fulfill that need. Something like, in the case of credit management services,

So, are you tired of keeping up with your credit spending records? Got less time? Do not worry! Please contact us right away so we can do all of this for you… and so on.

  1. Extra Long Length

Keep the video to an optimal length. Long and cluttered video length makes up for an audience that gets easily bored.

Nobody wants to keep up for so long, especially if your ad for selling a product turns out to be 5-minutes. The best advice is to keep it as short as possible to include only the important details which are as follows:

  1. Highlight a problem
  2. Introduce the Solution
  3. Pitch the Product as part of the Solution
  4. End

This is pretty straight forward and should yield the maximum viewer impact for your video.

  1. Poor Delivery

Last but not least, is the means of delivery. If you are trying to deliver a video to an audience that mainly uses another platform than the one you are advertising on, chances are you are not going to hit the bull’s eye.

Instead, the target an audience on particular platforms that is most likely to buy your product. The channel through which you deliver your video is also very must in determining the effectiveness of the video. Lastly, ensure that you balance these factors and don’t overdo any for the maximum benefit.

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