10 Free Ways to Market Your Home Business

10 Free Ways to Market Your Home Business

Marketing is an important aspect of home business success. You can’t buy it unless people know about your product or service. Some marketing costs, such as website hosting and email list management services, cost money. However, the most powerful and effective marketing strategies cost nothing at all.

Best of all, marketing is knowing the market. What does your market want or need? How do you lure them with words, graphics or videos to check out your business if you need what you want? Once you know who the market is, what you want, and where to find it, apply that knowledge to business marketing in these 10 freeways.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every home business should have a website and owning a website is not free, but you can optimize your website for search engines without spending a dime. Search engine optimization is about including keywords and phrases that are common to people who use search engines to find something related to your business. Keyword search tools can provide valuable insights into what you are looking for in the market. SEO also includes putting keywords in your webpage’s meta title and meta description to help search engines find and rank your website.

Social media

Consumers today want to interact with the companies that do business. It also relies heavily on recommendations from friends, family and others. You can easily take advantage of these two trends through social media. You can share information and promotions through social media, communicate with and communicate with the marketplace, and allow your audience to take advantage of the rumors arising through stocks. By reacting to the people with whom you are related, you can show what you care for, increase your loyalty, and improve referrals.

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Be a guest

Sharing your expertise through articles or interviews is one of the best ways to win the market. You can post your thoughts on someone else’s website, get an interview on a podcast, or give an invited lecture for a webinar or online summit. Articles and interviews can help you show off your expertise and credibility in a more effective and effective way than traditional advertising. Don’t limit guest appearances to online events. Printed publications and TV shows often require professionals and guests. Whether you’re on a podcast or a local news show, interviewing is about submitting media pitches that excite editors, producers, or hosts.

Press release / PR

Free writers, like guest writers or interviewees, give you the credibility to boost market response over traditional advertising. The trick is to submit news-worthy PR ideas related to your business. Press releases are not advertisements, so you cannot email the newsroom about your business. PR promotions should include news hooks, such as winning awards, achieving milestones, or connecting your business with what’s going on in the world (volunteers, etc.). A useful resource media outlets use to find guests and professionals is Reporter Out (HARO). You can sign up for free and then respond to media queries.

Joint venture

For joint ventures, there are several ways, but even if you are joint ventures, you partner with partners in similar industries, usually cross promotions. For example, you can work with a partner who promotes your home business in exchange for promoting your home business or in exchange for a monetary reward such as a resale rate. It succeeds in providing a product or service to other customers.

Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is similar to a joint venture in that other businesses promote other products or services instead of commissions from promotions. The difference is that joint ventures are usually a one-time event and usually involve a small number of partners. On the other hand, the affiliate program is ongoing, and you can have as many partners as you want to promote what you offer. You may have to invest in an affiliate software system, but finding an affiliate is mostly free. Pay only if they provide results.

Discussion Group / Forum

It can take a lot of time to join an online group, like managing strong social media, but doing it well has many benefits. First of all, you are free to learn about the needs and trends of the market, allowing you to better hone your product or service. Second, it provides a way to help others and share your expertise. If you help someone who is going through a difficult situation, you will want to learn more about you and the services you provide. However, the success of the discussion group comes not from promoting the business widely, but from being helpful.


Visual content is likely to attract attention online and, fortunately, creating promotional videos is not difficult or expensive. Of course, you can pay a professional to create a high-quality video for your business, but with extra effort, you can do everything yourself. You can make a video using your computer’s webcam or mobile phone. Most computers and phones come with free video editing software, and you can upload videos to YouTube Channel for free. A successful video trick for business marketing is to be helpful (such as a tutorial) and have fun.

Speak or teach

Having credibility is an important part of marketing, so it appears a lot like podcast guests or PR promotion. Especially on the Internet, people should feel like they are doing honest and quality business. Speaking and teaching is another way to show off your expertise and increase your credibility. Sometimes you can even get paid. You can use free services like Google Hangouts to offer online seminars or contact local groups to chat with. For example, many cities have adult education programs that allow you to tap into the expertise of local business owners. You can also find civic groups that need a speaker.


People love good deals and deals don’t get much better than free. Many entrepreneurs offer freebies to freebies through newsletter subscriptions, but this is not the only way free items can help. We can provide free samples or free 15 minutes of coaching calls. Once people have tested your product or service, they will want more and will be willing to pay the next time.

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