Top Airfreight Packaging Guidelines

Air shipping offers a variety of benefits to your company for shipping needs. It is safer, possesses a lower possibility of damage. It can also send your goods to their destination faster with less handling. No wonder it is a better alternative to many other ways. However, the shipping has its requirements, different than typical ways. Airfreight has several requirements that may be new to you.

Before you decide to ship your goods you must properly understand the packaging guidelines first. To ensure a safe shipment of your goods, understand the product and distribution ecosystem. It has many advantages for you therefore, the following guidelines will help you in effective air freight packaging.

  1. Label your Air Shipping Clearly

To prevent your package from getting misrouted, proper labeling is necessary. This is the most common mistake that many people make during air shipping packaging. Improper labeling leads your parcel to be left behind or delivered to the wrong address. It can also include in someone else’s shipment.

Therefore, you must take care of labeling your parcel carefully. Especially for international shipments, as it can create a headache for you.

  1. Pack Air Shipping Boxes Properly

Another important thing you must consider is careful packaging. Cardboard fibreboard boxes are amazing for air shipping your goods. But, they are also vulnerable to crushing. If you leave large pockets of air around your package, they’ll be prone to damage. That’s why proper packing is a top priority.

Moreover, poor tape application is another factor behind shipping problems. To avoid sudden pop out of your stuff, make sure to seal all the seams completely.

  1. Air Shipping Cost

Different companies have different rates for shipping. It usually depends on the size as well as the weight of your package. Make sure to research a little before to ensure you’re not paying more than you should. Know the air shipping cost of at least two to three companies and compare their prices.

In the end, go for the company that has the most affordable rates as well as provides the best services for your shipment orders.

  1. Consider the Package Size

The top benefit of air freight over ocean freight is that it has access to areas that are far from ports. Additionally, some airports do not support wide-body aircraft. Get in touch with your agent and discuss all the details beforehand. Doing so will prevent you from misfortunes in the future.

Let your agent know the size and weight of your package. They’ll advise you the best on how you can accommodate it. Besides, they can provide you all the information that you might need later.


In conclusion, air shipping has a lot of benefits. It is faster, safer, and convenient. It is the best alternative to ocean freight. By utilizing all of these benefits, you can have predictable arrival times, quick services with less struggle. Moreover, you can impress your customers with fast access to the products in relatively less time.


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