Time to be different in 2020 with these mobile app ideas

Everyone has heard about how mobile apps have been faring and how their success has been glittering. Little do people know how complicated and hard it is for a recently established small business to make an app. Among other software applications, it is not easy to make your Startup shine and stand out taller than the established players.

Of the total start-ups launched, only 56% of them can make it beyond four years. Start-ups require strong foundation that can be able to weather strong competition. Launching one in the tech industry can be difficult as the latest programming tools of top quality are essential.

It is expected that mobile app downloads can reach 352.9 billion by the year 2021. Making a mobile app on a common idea can be the worst of investments ever.

Hence, those seeking to make an app need an innovative, unique and out of the box idea to let the mobile app be recognized as a one of a kind. Students too are developing apps in order to reap the benefits of a large user base of mobile apps.

It is not easy as it sounds because a unique idea for a mobile app just does not come out of anywhere. Here are the top tips recommended by leads from a renown mobile app development company that will help select an appropriate and one of a kind concepts for a mobile idea:

  • Defining the target market according to the niche.
  • Conducting thorough research of the target market.
  • Reviewing competitors’ apps.
  • Create a list of success and failure factors.
  • Copy ideas if necessary but always use a unique approach. Vampire creativity kills everything.
  • Find the trends in the industry.
  • Create some buzz to make something happen.

Those who wish to make mobile apps must follow the steps in order to reduce the risk of upsetting their customers. A good idea will help start-ups attract around 4.68 billion mobile users from across the globe.

Here are some top mobile app ideas to consider in 2020:

Virtual reality (VR) is helping unveil unimaginable things and can show a fully different reality to people. Hence, VR is breaking boundaries by shocking everyone with its unique features.

VR is no longer limited to gaming applications as it now has around 171 million users spread across different industries. Today, it is now merging together with technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) where its extensive use is observed in industrial IoT.

VR also has potential to make video conferencing look, sound and feel more realistic than ever. It can also help create healthcare apps which can potentially reduce the gap between a patient and a physician.

  • Creating chatbots

Chatbots are tools powered by AI to offer top class customer services. A lot of talk about chatbots has been happening since the past two and a half years and a lot of brands have started using it as well. Hardly any business today does not use a chatbot.

There is a dearth of companies specializing in developing chatbots that are competitive and industry specific. The world may be small, but the competition is fierce. Services should be such that they can reach customers in the most trending ways because this is what customers look and expect for at day’s end.

  • Healthcare apps

Healthcare needs are never a luxury and the health needs of people will never end. This is a concept that it yet to be fully executed. The healthcare industry has the potential to attract more customers and satisfy their needs differently. 

Medicines today are now delivered through online channels; some apps are helping provide physicians’ consultation and detection of certain conditions. Telemedicine apps are gaining popularity as they help people get in touch with medical professionals in real time scenarios. They not only get healthcare development services but also get recommendations on which hospital to visit and the like.

  • Blockchain apps

Blockchain is a technology which is receiving considerable investments today. By 2023, the Blockchain market will touch the mark of $23.3 billion. Blockchain is all about storing data and information in a secure way making it hardly editable. 

Any industry requiring data to be stored with top-notch security is now investing in blockchain development services. Whether it is healthcare, education, finance or any other sector; blockchain has proved to be a useful technology for all. Utilizing it to provide solutions to a large but targeted audience is a bright option.

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