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Popular Myths About Psychiatric Treatment – Debunked!

Before we start with the popular myths, what needs to be made clear is that when we talk about psychiatrists or psychologists in UAE, is that they both are different. Psychiatrists are medical doctors whereas psychologists are not. Also, psychiatrists diagnose the illness, manage treatment, and prescribe medication along with therapies. Psychologists provide talk therapy and counseling to patients.

Having established the difference, let’s get to the topic of today – myths about psychiatric treatment. We are going to debunk some of the main myths that circulate regarding psychiatric treatment. People know more about misconceptions than the truth.

Let’s start:

A Mental Patient Can Never Recover

You can cure mental illness only if it is treated on time. A common misconception is that a mental patient is always going to be one. The reality is the opposite. Those who go to a psychiatrist suffer from an imbalance that leads to a mental discrepancy. And once that is done, the disease is gone. Moreover, some patients need a long time treatment. The improvement process is slow but happens. But you should know that mental diseases can be treated and the patients recover according to the degree of mental illness.

Poor Mental Health is Biological

You should know that mental illness has got nothing to do with genes. There are a few diseases, like schizophrenia, that can be genetic. However, the chances of it are quite rare. So, it is clear that not all mental health issues are linked to genes. Environmental factors, trauma, along other illnesses contribute to mental illnesses.

Psychiatric Treatment Involves Crazy People

This myth is as crazy as itself. Psychiatrist doctors do not deal with patients suffering from mental health issues only. That is not true. Moreover, many patients who are suffering from other health problems and getting treated for it go to a psychiatrist as well. They need it to revive and gain their mental strength back to deal with the struggles they are facing. Psychiatrists help patients in managing and treating their anxiety.

Patients are Forced to Take Medication

A psychiatrist treats the mental state of the patients. Since every patient is different, they need different treatment methods. Therefore, a reliable or well-known psychiatrist would never forcefully give you medication. Sometimes, good counseling is enough.

Mental Health Issues Are Uncommon

If only people know that. People suffering from mental health issues are more than they know. But people are afraid to come out and talk about it. One in every five people is suffering from mental health issues.

Mental Illnesses Alter the Personality

Another common myth that makes people hesitant about visiting a psychiatrist is that taking medications for mental health brings personality changes and other negative impacts if taken in the wrong dosage or for too long. When you see a trustworthy psychiatrist, they guarantee good treatment. With the right treatment and dosage, the patient’s mind is not clouded by any delusions or hallucinations. Rather they bring a positive change.

There is not Talk Therapy

Again, false. You have not given medicines the right way. Talk therapy is one of the effective means to understand and devise a treatment method for mental health issues. A good psychiatrist uses a mix of other treatment methods with talk therapy to ensure treatment of the mental illness their patient is suffering from. A patient needs counseling a lot more than medication.

Diagnosis for Mental Illnesses Are Indicative of Normal Behavior

The most common question that psychiatrists are often asked about is how do they differentiate between a normal person and someone who is suffering from mental health issues. How do they draw the line? Well, let’s take a simple example. It is the lab reports that decide whether the tumor that you have is benign or malignant. The same is the case with mental illnesses as well.

The psychiatrist specialist shall determine a diagnosis when certain behavioral traits become unbearable and have made it difficult for the patient to go about their daily lives.

So, these were the most common myths psychiatric treatment is surrounded by. Do not believe in the rumors spread about anything. Always analyze and do your due diligence before deciding anything. If you think your mental health is suffering, consult a psychiatric hospital in Dubai at your earliest. This way, with timely intervention you can get treated and enjoy a peaceful life with a healthy mind.

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