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Kareo Medical Billing Software: Streamline Medical Billing in 5 Easy Steps

What is a Medical Billing Software?

If you are not aware about what a medical billing software is, then it is time you found out because if you run a medical practice, it will make your life much easier. A medical billing software ensures all your billing remains error free, is addressed immediately and increases the chances of claims being approved! The Kareo Medical Billing software is one of the most popular ones in the market. If you already use Kareo’s EHR software, then their medical billing software will integrate to it seamlessly and give you an amazing practice management experience overall! If you are interested in finding more about this software beyond the Kareo Medical Billing software reviews you have read then keep on reading! 

Ways Kareo Can Streamline your Medical Billing

Charge Capture

One of the biggest concerns a medical practice can have is to ensure that they have proper medical billing capabilities and do not make errors because this can be bad for both the patient and the practice. Medical billing software saves you from this trouble. Kareo Medical Billing  for instance has the feature that allows for you to charge capture immediately. This means that the service the patient is getting is immediately recorded and charged. This reduces the risk of double entry of the same patient and service and saves you a lot of time and helps make payment claims get processed much faster! You can use the charge capture feature on both desktop and mobile versions of the Kareo Medical Billing app

Claims Tracks 

One of the most exasperating areas of a medical practice is waiting for claims to be approved. Different patients have different health insurance providers which means that the claims you file for the reimbursement for whatever medical related procedure or services they received are cleared by their insurance providers as well. These claims can be dismissed or not paid in full at times. However, according to a lot of Kareo Medical Billing Software reviews, this software helps claims get approved with more frequency. With claims tracking you can see what the status of the claim you filed is and project your revenue with certainty too which is a big plus! 

Billings Tasks 

Another concern for any medical practice is how to manage the billing systems since there are so many steps involved. This means that if you are working at a medical practice employing Kareo Clinical EHR and Medical Billing then you have a lot of issues sorted! Billing tasks can be complicated to complete and because of this a lot of human errors can occur which cause problems later on when making claims. However, the billing tasks in this software helps you streamline the billing process since everything relevant to billing is housed in one inbox so you do not have to go back and forth and scramble to make sense of things! This saves you a lot of time and also helps you focus on the practice instead of worrying over the billing aspect all day. If you watch a Kareo Billing tutorial you will notice exactly how easy the software makes medical billing.  

Billing Analytics 

A lot of people think about whether the Kareo Medical Billing software price is worth it. And the Billing Analytics feature alone makes it worth it in our eyes. The thing is, a medical practice like any other business should have an idea of how it is doing financially. At the end of the day, you need to make money to pay your overheads, you staff their salaries and much more. So if you aren’t sure how much you will be making in a given month this can be a big problem! Since the partners in a medical practice are liable personally, they should have an idea of how much profit they will generate in the future and what their monetary prospects are. With the Business Analytics function, you can find out about your projected revenue, how you are doing and whether you should be worried. It analyzes past performances and other aspects to give you an idea of what you should be thinking about and how your practice’s financial health looks. This feature alone, like we said, makes the Kareo Medical Billing pricing worth it. 

Maximize Productivity 

Another aspect of the Kareo Medical Billing software which is incredibly helpful is how easy it makes for you to communicate with your staff and manage your patients. The software has a messaging feature which lets you talk internally with your staff. Other than that it also lets you manage schedules and lets you make appointments on the software itself so you can be alerted when an appointment is coming up. The entire software is incredibly helpful, and lets you focus on the real thing that matters; your patients. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to figure out your billing and what not, you can now focus your energies on your patients and getting new patients for your practice so you can grow your practice. 


Should you Invest in Kareo Medical Billing Software? 

If you are wondering whether you should get the software even after reading this piece, we would like to give you a few tips that will help you figure out whether you need the software or not. If you want to get an idea of what the software is like we highly recommend getting a Kareo Billing tutorial to see how it is in action and whether it fits the bill for you. 

But to make the decision of whether you should bite the bullet and pay for the Kareo Medical billing pricing then you should ask yourself about what currently you wish was better about your billing processes and claims process. If those problems are being answered by the features we have listed above then you should definitely think about investing in this stellar software and do so immediately.

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