How to Make Custom Phone Cases to Sell Online?

If you want to sell phone cases online, this guide is for you. In this article, you’ll learn how to start your own phone case business from scratch in just a couple of hours.

These days, the phone case market is enormous. It’s estimated that there will be almost 2.53 billion smartphone users in 2018. That is, over a third of the world’s population will own a smartphone by the end of this year.

Not only is the number of smartphone users growing, but stats also show that people upgrade their phones regularly. Users buy new smartphones every 20-22 months, and with a new phone – there comes a new phone case. So, to introduce a custom printing facility, you need to integrate product design software. (Recommended: ImprintNext) It enables your customers to personalize all types of phone cases made of plastic, wooden, etc.

It’s still a good thing to purchase a commodity over and over again. Why is this so? Since frequent clients will compensate for as much as 50% of their overall profits for small businesses. In fact, the phone company is very simple to manage as they: Don’ts are not split up quickly, and you have fewer refunds and problems coping with Are low weight and thus inexpensive to carry, meaning that consumers are not repelled to be excluded because of their large shipping costs.

Do Market Research:

Currently, you are not the only dealer making electronic phone calls. You will have a straightforward response to your query before you can plan and set up your store: Who would purchase your phone box? 

Finding your place is more than just identifying the race, age, and position of your audience. A position is everything for which people pose and feel confident. In the meantime, from the industry point of view, the company is a specific consumer category.

A specific market implies fewer and less clear competition: if you target “everything,” then all the rivals are there, even the big players such as Amazon, eBay, and so forth. When “English teachers” in the market for your telecommunications service, the main competitor is an online store offering mobile cases for English teachers in a particular fashion. 

Focusing on the niche helps define customers more easily and develops products specifically for them: imagine a “25-year-old woman” phone case, compared to the “25-year-old woman who has pet rats.” Items built by everyone sometimes neglect individuality and niche manufacturing

Google can aid to target a market. It is virtually difficult to rank in the search word “phone cases,” whereas the rating for anything more common such as “kangaroo phone cases” is even more realistic as the rivalry is much smaller. Beyond this, he or she realizes exactly what they are searching for because anyone from Google “Kangaroo Phone Cases” is a step closer to shopping.

How to Make Your Own Phone Case Designs?

It’s time to build templates for mobile events, as you consider the target market. 

However, even though you forget all of these items, you can always plan your custom designs-here are some ideas and resources to using: Use your images (average price range: $0): If you are good at pictures, this is the way to sell your pictures. It’s nice if you have the expertise to make design, energy, and equipment required to build designs for your telephone business; If you already have beautiful images to print on your phone cases, you need not learn graphic design skills or hire someone to create designs für you. Only click through the memories of the phone or camera and pick the strongest

  • Dribbble: Dribbble is like a social media platform for designers to create online portfolios that showcase their work. Dribbble’s price range is $80-$200 an hour. What you need to do is search through Dribbble’s portfolios before you choose the designer you need. So reach out and suggest working together – that’s easy.
  • 99designs: 99designs is like a design crowdsourcing website, you can explain your proposals, set a budget, and launch a competition; they are like competitions that start at $299 when a designer for 1-on-1 projects begins at $150 a design. The designers then apply their proposals and eventually, you pick the winning (or more than one) concept, and the winner is given the prize. The positive thing about competitions is that you will still have your money back if you don’t like some of the concept proposals submitted. You may also employ a contractor for 99 sketches, which is a nice choice if you know how the concept will look.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is probably the fastest and cheapest method for design – in 24 hours you can prepare your designs to bear as low as $5 per design .. Fiber is the fastest and cheapest way to get designs. Yet what they’re thinking is you know: you get what you’re asking for. The fact that there are many creative and professional artists on Fiverr who can be employed does not alter the cheap price tag, however. Find a designer whose style you admire, pay heed to the reviews and you’ll find a perfect sandwich template.
  • Find a free employer: Upwork, Freelancer, Mentor, and PeoplePerHour, these are only a couple of the tools that you can use to locate and recruit a freelancer for your venture. Submit your project and encourage designers to apply, or search it before you choose a designer with whom you want to collaborate.
  • Reach out to a designer that you want (average price range of $150-$300 per design): Don’t be shy and reach out if you have a designer whose work you respect. Designers are generally pleased to do self-employment, particularly for people who like the project. The next thing? The creator can be happy about the results of the relationship so that when the phone cases are ready for the order he or she will help you get the message out.

Register Your Phone Case Business:

In separate nations, there are numerous specifications. In some nations, if you don’t have a lawfully licensed corporation, you are not permitted to do business. In the US you will do it, on the other side, as an independent person. They will use the social security number to obtain tax Identification. The single corporate arrangement is ideally designed for low-risk businesses. That framework does not include registering as a company. That is, it is a fairly risk-free company if you plan to sell phone cases using a dropshipping service because it does not entail big investments.

Nevertheless, only ownership operates if the business is only operated by one person. Then you would have to sign the company if you launch your business along with someone else.

Setup your Phone case Business With Shopify or Printful:

  • Shopify is one of today’s best-known ecommerce platforms, enabling everybody to build their online stores within a few hours. If you have not heard about Shopify or if you want to know more about its features and services, see our Shopify Review. To begin, go shopping, enter a shop’s email address, press “Begin.” To start.
  • Enter your password then pick the name of your shop. Don’t panic, if you haven’t got a shop tag yet! Join a provisional one – it can be updated later. If your business telecommunications company wants support choosing a store name, see our Business Naming post. Select “Build your shop,” when this is finished.
  • Your shop will be produced after you have filled out a quick Shop and your address. We can teach you how to personalize this later and begin to buy a domain and sell goods – in this case, telephone calls.

Buy Phone Case Store Domain:

If you have already bought the domain, you will link the domain to Shopify by heading to the •All domains -All Linked current domain and then follow the directions. The domain is accessible from third party vendor including Namecheap, and 

We suggest that you do so directly through Shopify if you have not yet purchased a domain. This can also host your shop on your servers, and it’s easier to handle it in one location. 

In the next stage, type in the name of the domain you want, and Shopify will inform you whether the domain is still valid and how much you can purchase it for. The next move would be to buy the domain name and the domain you choose.


Don’t get caught in the mobile case rivalry. Like every other competitive sector, the emphasis is on putting the goods in front of these customers and finding the right target. 

You can spot successful patterns and telephone cases over time and discover opportunities to raise the profits such that when you market them, you can double.

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