How to Find the Right Vacuum Cleaner in India?

Many households are now shifting towards using a vacuum cleaner for home, especially those that realise that regular sweeping and mopping results in the dust being suspended in the air only to settle down on the same surface after a while. A vacuum cleaner is seen as the perfect solution as it sucks up the dust and other allergens from the surfaces to leave a much cleaner and healthier room.

As the customers flock to the stores selling vacuum cleaners, they are confused with the variety on display and are not able to decide on the right one. Through this post, users will be able to understand the various features of a vacuum cleaner and how to evaluate the importance of each. This is required to avoid investing your money on a model that is totally not worth it. Let’s go ahead in the quest for the best vacuum cleaner in India. These are the features that should be evaluated as per your need when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for home.

The Money Factor

It is best to decide on the amount you are willing to spend beforehand. It can be very tempting to look at the more expensive models and get swayed by advertising and marketing gimmicks. What you need is the best value-for-money model for a vacuum cleaner within your budget. One of the worst marketing gimmicks is when the companies instil the fear of health in you and try to sell expensive models forcing you to go beyond your budget. Beware of these. If you have money to spare, you can even look at the robot-vacuums with the latest in automation technology. Or you can look for good deals in the discount season.

The Brand Name

If you are in a section with vacuum cleaners from a brand name that you haven’t heard of, you have two options. Either you move on to the next section or you research the brand name. It is possible that you may not have heard of a good brand of vacuum cleaners. You can move onto a brand that you are comfortable with. You must buy a brand that you can trust. Another set of brands that you must steer clear of are the ones that have unbelievable discounts on their product, even if it is a known brand as they might just be getting rid of defective pieces.

The Suction Power

The power consumption of a vacuum cleaner is not the same as its suction power and must not be confused. It is often represented in units like Pascals or Air Watts (AW). The suction power is essentially the force with which the vacuum cleaner removes the dust from the floors, carpets and other surfaces. An upright vacuum can be called efficient if it has a suction power ofat least 100AW, while a good canister type vacuum cleaner would need 220AW to be efficient. This also varies with the type of filter that has been installed in the vacuum cleaners. The suction required is higher for advanced filters such as HEPA. The suction power is especially high on the importance list if you have carpet flooring or lots of rugs in the house.

The Filters Used

While a suction system is important to suck in the dust, it is the responsibility of a good filter to keep it in. If that wasn’t the case, the dust and debris would soon be released from the exhaust pipe of the vacuum cleaner. The best filters available today in the industry are the HEPA filters and they trap dust particles and allergens of minuscule dimensions and are successful in filtering out 99.7% of them before releasing dust-free air into the room. Do make sure that the filters in the vacuum are genuine, else it would be a waste of money.


Do not buy a product that does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is an assurance that the product can be trusted and in case there is a fault, you are protected against it. Before finalising your purchase, do understand the rules regarding the use of the warranty and check to see if it is a good match with the industry standards. You could have a doubt when the warranty terms are too lenient.

The other factors that must suit your convenience are the bin capacity, weight of the machine and the accessories that come along with it. You must choose the best options that make it comfortable for you to use the machine. You can always ask for a demo of the machine at your home.

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