How to Choose an Electric Scooter

Speed ​​and power

In the market we find from toy scooters that reach 6km / h to models that reach 45 km / h, however the most common for urban spaces are those that are around 25 km / h. Those with more powerful engines have a higher price, but in return have more potential to perform better on hills or large drivers.

Weight and dimensions of the scooter

While it is true that we will use the unfolded scooter, there will be situations in which we have to fold it and move it by hand or store it. In this sense, it is interesting that it is as light and compact as possible. Normally, the power and lightness combo usually implies a higher cost.

Continuing with the previous point, we will also look at the way of folding: we want its folding system to be fast and robust so that it does not open by mistake. Also, it is desirable that this mechanism has a high duty cycle.

Autonomy allows us to know how many kilometers it will be able to travel on a single charge. Although the manufacturers offer indicative data, these differ greatly from reality based on aspects such as the weight of the driver, the unevenness, the type of driving, among others. In this sense, it is better to bet on those that more than cover the distance we plan to travel. We are also interested in knowing the charging time and if the battery is removable, something very convenient if we want to leave the scooter “parked” and take the battery to charge.

Control and driving

An electric scooter is much more than putting your hands on the handlebars and propelling it with one leg. In this sense, the arrangement and shape of the accelerator and brake, the driving modes, the stability, the way of displaying data such as the remaining battery or the speed differ from one model to another. In general, they all come with a

In an electric scooter, we are part of the bodywork, so it is vital to betting on models that take care of safety elements. Not only the braking system or the lighting but also the quality and resistance of the materials. You can find the ​Best Electric Scooter UK Here.

Design and materials

Beyond the subjectivity of aesthetics, when choosing an electric scooter the design becomes fundamental: if it is comfortable when driving or carrying it folded, how is the arrangement of the accelerator and brake, how robust and agile the folding mechanism, what visibility elements it has, if it has a screen, among others.

Folding system

One of the most critical parts of a scooter is its folding-unfolding system. And is that if we are going to use it frequently, they will be subject to great wear and tear.

Locking system

And if we fold it, we will probably want to move it by hand. Here we again highlight the E-Twow and Cecotec systems, which hold the handlebar by means of a system that combines a hook and a slot in the rear fender. Similar is the Gotrax system, combining the handlebar hook with an external plastic piece that is more susceptible to being released by mistake.


If these scooters are electric, it is thanks to the combination of motor and battery to power it. At the design level, we want the batteries to be as light and compact as possible – although unfortunately, they are two parameters that are opposed to a greater capacity – so that they minimize their influence on the total weight. It is also desirable that its location allows it to be safe from possible shocks and inclement weather while not altering the stability of the scooter. Finally, it is interesting that they are removable, so that we can take them, either for security or load them, or replace them easily. The strategies manufacturers adopt are very different.

Structure: lighting, wheels, shock absorbers, easel …

Absolutely all scooters have a front light, the classic red brake light that illuminates when activated, and some reflective elements on its body and/or base. While brake lights and reflectors are intended to be seen by both pedestrians and other vehicles, the headlight allows us to see what is ahead.

Driving and control

To use an electric scooter, all you have to do is charge it, press the power button, and start walking … at that moment we will activate the accelerator lever and we will be able to take advantage of the engine’s power. From here, the differences begin. We will leave the applications for last since while driving we cannot use the mobile.

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