How Do I Get Certified In Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has proved to be more than just a technological intervention for changing the conventional approaches to information sharing and business transactions. With more than 20 countries planning on adopting blockchain technology and rising value of blockchain in different sectors, blockchain careers have become one of the top priorities for technology professionals.

As a result, many aspiring blockchain professionals are looking towards blockchain certification for building a strong foundation for their careers. Many prominent blockchain education and training platforms such as 101 Blockchains have distinct blockchain certifications for promising blockchain career paths.

However, beginners in the blockchain domain would reasonably face confusion regarding the ideal practices for qualifying blockchain certification. The following discussion provides an outline of the best practices that can help you earn the tag of a certified blockchain professional.

Why are Blockchain Certifications Important?

Before reflecting on the best practices to prepare for blockchain certification, it is important to note the importance of the same. Certifications are not only proof of your skills in blockchain but also your abilities to address business-specific responsibilities. With blockchain skill becoming one of the top in-demand specializations, employers encounter various doubts regarding approaches to verify candidates’ blockchain expertise for blockchain job roles.

However, certifications help employers shorten the recruitment process by verifying the match between candidates’ skills and skills required for specific jobs. A certified blockchain professional also shows commitment to learning about blockchain technology. Therefore, you can note that blockchain certifications are more than just valid proof of blockchain expertise. So, it is inevitable that you have to focus more on choosing ideal practices for qualifying blockchain certifications.

Select the Certification According to Your Career Goals

The first step in preparing for blockchain certifications is the selection of ideal certification for your career objectives. The best blockchain certification for one candidate might not be suitable for another. So, you have to outline your career goals with blockchain technology, such as the specialization you want to pursue.

As a result, you can find the ideal blockchain certifications that can help you prove the skills required for the jobs you want. For example, if you want to work in an enterprise blockchain consultant’s role, you should choose enterprise blockchain professional certifications.

Begin with Training in Blockchain Fundamentals

The next important pointer for candidates after choosing the best blockchain certification is the need for fundamental training. Candidate should develop fluency in the basic concepts of blockchain and different enterprise blockchain platforms before preparing for certifications.

Candidates could opt for free blockchain training courses to establish the foundation required to kickstart their preparations for blockchain certifications. The fundamental knowledge of blockchain concepts and enterprise blockchain technology helps candidates understand and navigate the exam objectives in blockchain certifications with ease.

Evaluate the Certification Details Thoroughly

After gaining the fundamental knowledge of blockchain, candidates should immediately turn their attention to desired blockchain certifications. Candidates should take a detailed overview of the domains covered in the certification exam. Candidates should also understand all the subtopics in the exam domains and the interrelationship between them. The fluency in exam objectives and domains, along with the basic details such as exam format, improves candidates’ confidence.

Choose the Best Certification Training Courses

The preparation of candidates for blockchain certifications should also depend on selection of the appropriate blockchain certification course. Many online certification training platforms are gradually turning their attention towards the facility of blockchain certification training courses.

However, it is less likely that you would find limited coherence between materials covered in a blockchain certification course and a concerned blockchain certification’s objectives. Therefore, it is reasonable to opt for blockchain certifications that also include specially tailored blockchain certification course. The certification training courses with the blockchain certifications provide assurance of training oriented for your success.

Hands-On Experience is also Important for Blockchain Certifications

The training in online blockchain courses is not enough for taking you on the road to qualifying blockchain certifications. Candidates must also try getting their hands dirty with blockchain concepts and technologies relevant to their chosen blockchain certifications. Hands-on experience improves the fluency of candidates for certification exam objectives and the confidence required for answering questions in the exam. Furthermore, hands-on experience delivers formidable improvement in learning about different blockchain concepts with a business orientation.


The journey of preparing for blockchain certifications is not easy. However, the rewards that accompany blockchain certifications can serve as crucial motivators for your journey. With the rising adoption of blockchain, the prospects of a career in blockchain would continue to increase. Furthermore, the futuristic appeal of blockchain technology also strengthens prospects of job security in blockchain careers.

Therefore, you should immediately get started with your preparations for blockchain certifications with online blockchain courses and learning resources. Most importantly, the support of dedicated blockchain education and research platforms such as 101 Blockchains can help you select ideal blockchain certifications and relevant training resources. So, start chasing your dreams of a lucrative blockchain career right now!

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