Different Types of Bong Material

Although we all know that you can make a bong out of virtually anything – water bottles and apples spring to mind – that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself to a fancy new bong when the time calls for it! With so many different types on the market these days, it can be hard to know what sort to invest in. There are various shapes and sizes available, not to mention all the colours and patterns! Do you go for a bubbler bong or a beaker bong? So many options! We reckon that before you dive in, it’s important to get the basics down – we’re talking materials! It’s important to assess what you want your bong to be made out of first and foremost. We’re going to run through a list of popular materials and highlight their pros and cons.


Glass is the most common and highly recommended out of all bong materials and for good reason. Since the 1970s, they have been the apex of bongs in the smoking industry. Over the last few decades, bong accessories and designs have developed and adapted in order to improve the performance of this type of bong. Because glass can be blown into hundreds of interesting designs, this adds beauty on top of functionality, where you can find hundreds of sizes and designs to suit all moods and tastes. Glass bongs also provide a smooth smoking experience and are high quality, hopefully lasting you ages as long as you don’t break them!


This is a classic choice, especially for the old school stoners out there. Ceramics and pottery have been an essential material for smoking devices for literally thousands of years. They provide a fantastic smoking experience with smooth flavour. They’re also super durable and not as sensitive as glass when it comes to changes in temperature. You can find lots of custom designs available on the market and they’re often affordably priced.


Silicone has gained popularity amongst the stoner community, particularly during the last decade, as people are starting to take notice of this unassuming material. Even though they are virtually unbreakable, these types of bongs come with a lifetime warranty. They are very affordable, can be easily folded up which is good for storage and transportation, and many of them are dishwasher friendly. However, there are a few downsides to silicone: they don’t allow for a lot of percolation, they often aren’t very big, and they aren’t easily accessorised – although there are now starting to be some breakthroughs with regards to this in recent years.


Made from stainless steel or aluminium, metal bongs can look pretty cool and futuristic with their stylised designs. If you have butterfingers this one’s a good one because they are durable and won’t break if you drop them. They’re often a cheaper option which is great if you’re on a bit of a budget. However, they aren’t the most popular type for a few reasons. Because metal tends to alter the flavour of whatever weed you are smoking, it takes on a harsh, metallic taste that some people are not a fan of as it impacts their overall experience. They also conduct heat which means you could run the risk of burning yourself if you’re not careful.


Plastic is a really common material for bongs with tons of variety in their designs and patterns. They’re super cheap and can be mass produced which is why there are so many types of plastic bongs out there, with acrylic being one of the most popular plastics. However, it isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, so we would encourage you to opt for another type of material when bong shopping as most other options on this list are more sustainable and better for the planet.


Some of the first bongs ever made were created from bamboo. They come in simple designs and are extremely durable. Because they are made from a natural resource, they are eco conscious and environmentally friendly.

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