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Adorable Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls Who Love to Play (and Learn)

Christmas is not just for kids, but nothing beats the look of pure joy on every child’s face whenever they unwrap a special present on Christmas morning. Soon as they turn 1, most kids begin to use toys as a source of amusement. With that, parents who have toddlers can all agree how kids can be so enthusiastic when it comes to playthings and diddles. 

You probably catch the drift of what to give your tiny daughters this year until you realise there’s an endless plethora of options for children’s toys from wholesale gift stores out there, leaving you unsure which ones will they love and which will be thrown in the closet and be long forgotten. While parents must support their children’s interests, it is also great to surround them with new kinds of toys that will nurture their creativity and increase their knowledge as they play. 

Keep reading for our ultimate list of tried and true gifts for smart baby girls. 


Smoothie-Making Blender Play Set

You’ll notice when your little daughters love to get involved in the kitchen as you make something for dinner. It could be a sign of what they’d like to be when they grow up. Let them experience that dream earlier with this smoothie-making blender playset. They will definitely love having their own kiddy blender to experiment with. The playset comes with a blender, milk box, shake bottle, toy fruit knife and chopped mix fruits.  

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Your child may have that artistic flair, which she needs to bring out and develop as early as now. This Crayola light-up tracing pad will help flourish her drawing skills and creativity. It appears as a slim tablet with a bright LCD backlight that will surely excite your kids once they get to try it. This pad also includes a graphite pencil, a set of 12 coloured pencils, and 10 blank sheets for fun tracing. 

Camping Tent 


You don’t need to take your kids into the woods to experience the joy of camping when you have this cute little tent from BAMBINO BY JULIANA®. Your kids can bring the camp vibe right in their playroom for a play pretend camping. They can also decorate it with fairy lights if they want to put up a stage for an imaginative roleplay.

Hair Chalk

Most little girls fancy their long hair with cute hairstyles made by mom. This hair chalk playset will make their hairstyling even more exciting with temporary hair colours that wash out easily.   Kids can easily apply it on their own with just a hairbrush and a mirror. These materials are non-toxic, but it warns choking hazard for kids with ages 3 and below. 

Necklace Activity Set

Kids who love watching and singing to Trolls will love this charming set of make-your-own necklaces. Aside from the fun factor and girly experience, this necklace activity set will also help your kids develop their fine motor skills and explore the artful creativity through colourful beads.

Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

This ice cream cart from LeapFrog will not only add chills to the cold season but it will also serve a lot of learnings to your kids. Aside from counting skills and colour matching, a fun experience of preparing a play-pretend dessert for family and friends teaches them the value of sharing, which is also important to a child’s development. 

DIY Dollhouse

Any little girl will whoop into excitement if they get to receive a realistic dollhouse that is perfectly sized just for them. With a gorgeous house that holds lifelike furniture pieces and decorative knickknacks, it will be wildly entertaining for kids to decorate it on their own. Imaginative playing does not only foster creativity but it also helps boost a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

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