What is the car shipping and what are the types of car shipping carriers

Car shipping:

Car shipping is a transport service which is provided to its customers & clients in the form of transportation of the vehicles from one state to other, country to country or city to city via different car shipping carriers.

 Factors affecting cost to ship a car:

There are certain factors which play role in the car shipment price.

  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • Distance to be covered
  • Location
  • Condition of vehicle
  • Type of vehicle
  • Size & weight of vehicle
  • Car delivery time frame flexibility
  • Carrier type open or enclosed or single
  • Personal items loaded in vehicle
  • Car hauling season
  • Supply & Demand

Cost may varies from vehicle to vehicle and distance to be covered.

Elements of consideration while shipping a car:

  • Weather
  • Dust debris
  • Environment

There are certain other elements which are also in need of consideration while shipping a car and choosing carrier like temperature ice, cold harsh environment which can damage your car colour also.

Car shipping carriers:

When you have to ship a car you would have many choices that what type of carrier to choose, transportation service method & much more.

There are normally three types of car shipping carriers:

  • Open air transport carrier
  • Enclosed carrier
  • Single car trailers

Open air transport carrier:

  • Most availability
  • Cheapest option
  • No covering on side & top
  • Can load the most car of any carrier

This is the most oldest & traditional form of a car shipping. It can be mostly seen on highway. It’s like a big truck an eighteen wheeler minus large boxed trailer. Also, it has a two levels of dual metal treads which are wide enough to accommodate car. These carriers can easily hold five to ten cars depending on the model. Open carriers have short transit time & prices due to excessive availabilities of trucks. Open carriers are not covered so the car may face weather changings ice cold harsh temperature and dust debris also.

Enclosed car carriers:

  • Less availability
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Can transport several cars at once
  • Covered on top & sides

They are rare to sight on motorway as compared to open carriers due to less availability because of slight high price. This type of carriers have a typical boxed trailer which means any hauls on these trailers will have a roof and two sided walls for protection. These are generally larger then eighteen wheeler hauls and can ship large amount of cars at once. Cars inside the haulers doesn’t face any exposure to elements like weather dust debris and environmental hazards.

Single car trailers:

  • The least availability
  • The most expensive
  • Not covered on top or sides
  • Can only transport one car at a time

Single car trailers & towing are the rarest form of shipping a car due to highest price & least availability because it can ship only a single car at a moment and also it’s not safe enough to protect car from external hazards due to no covering.

Which carrier you should use?

Choice of using car carriers is entirely up to you that whether you choose open enclosed or single carrier but open carrier is best for shipping a car over a long distance because of low price and high availability but if your car is antique or classic and you don’t want to take any kind of risk of weather dust and environmental hazards then obviously enclosed carrier is best choice for that you have to pay extra amount of dollars for shipment.

Single car carriers are pretty rare too and also it’s very difficult to fix schedule with them because of high price we suggest you to avoid this type of shipment over a hundred miles distance.


Shipping your car is the best idea to avoid to the big hassle of driving your car across the country by yourself. When it comes to shipping then there are various means of options available for you which you can choose according to your ease and budget but most cost effective and used mode is open transport system.

You can choose also enclosed auto transport and single transport or tow whichever suits you. If you are little bit confused then you can also avail online consultancy.

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