What is Ghost Image Photography?

What is ghost image photography?

Photography has become a part of a parcel of our day to day life. We used to capture images in any situation. We want to hold the moment of every happy and sad moment to make that memorable and make that memorable for the future.

Some images you may find with ghost effects like a shadow of a man or a footprint in the sand. You may have wondered to see those images and you have started to think is that real or just a creation of post-processing?

However, those types of images are not the result of post-processing or photo editing, which can be done with exceptional camera settings.

To achieve this type of effect on your image, you shouldn’t need any photo editing or clipping path service agency for any after photo effect.

Yes, you can get these ghostly effects in your image with the use of a slow shutter speed. You can create a ghost image illusion with your camera.

You can accomplish the wish of adding a ghost effect in your image in three ways. They are,

  • Multiple exposures in camera
  • Long exposures
  • Combining images in Photoshop

The first two ways are a camera trick and the third one is an editing task that you can achieve with Photoshop.

If you don’t have the knowledge about any of these, you can check this article and can make yourself ready to have a ghost effect photograph in your album.

What do you need for ghost image photography?

What is ghost image photography?

It needs to learn what type of equipment you should have to ghost an image photograph. If you have the interest to capture the ghostly image than you must have those items in your toolbox,

DSLR camera

A DSLR camera which comes in the first position of your need to perform in this operation. I would like to mention here especially those DSLR’s that can capture at least multiple exposures.

Unlike DSLRs, if you have another option that includes multiple exposure functions, you can still perform ghost photography with that.

Shutter speed is the main function to capture ghost photography.


Tripod is a helpful item for every image operation. Human hands aren’t stabilizing and there are some whose hands are so shaking that they don’t capture with a DSLR perfectly.

A tripod will let you control the object in your focus lens and it would help you to avoid any unwanted blurring.

Although, you could go without a tripod that won’t let you be confident of getting a blur-free and clear photograph.

Remote shutter release cable

Remote shutter release cable ensures to avoid any unwanted shake of your hand when you are tapping the shutter button.

Because any touch of your camera can cause blur in the image, you should have full confidence by not doing that with this remote shutter release cable.

ND (Neutral Density) filters

A neutral density filter is a must having equipment when you are going to ghost photography in the daylight.

Neutral density filters control the amount of light that is entering your camera. This daylight will harm you in your long exposure shot.


Flash is needed if you are running the operation in low light. It is used to light the subject and also to freeze the movement of that.

Different types of ghost photography

What is ghost image photography?

We have learned a few about ghost photography from the above article. Now we would tell you some different types of ghost photography that are so important to determine which type is needed for you.

Transparent figure

When you need to capture a very scary translucent portrait that is carried out using a completely stable template mixed with a longer shutter speed, then you need this type of ghost photography.

In this photograph, you have to use a faster shutter speed to sharply focus your ghost object. Above all, the subject of your photograph must have to be in a motionless position while capturing this type of ghost photograph.

To accomplish this perfectly, you can use a little burst of flash on the exposure to make clear your ghost on the screen.

The following figure

As same as the transparent figure, this type of ghost photography also requires a quite handy shutter speed. Besides the amount of light also varies in the following figure ghost photography.

Order the subject to move fast while capturing this. The trick here is not to have too long of exposure or too much movement by your subject.

If you have an interest to capture ghost photography and to surprise your friends by showing them, you should do the following steps of capturing the ghost.

Although, it wouldn’t come with one or twice clicks perfectly. You have to practice a lot with your object with the trick stated above.

For a perfect ghost photograph capture, you should choose a perfect environment and can give flowing clothes to your object to create a more haunting effect which will surely be beneficial for your image.

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