Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on a Website

Instagram is the popular social media platform where millions of people are sharing, liking, and commenting on media uploaded by each other. 

Among several social media platforms, Instagram is the growing channel that has almost half of the global population. 

This shows that for brands and businesses, Instagram is the digital platform where they focus their attention and make marketing strategies. 

Most of the businesses have already started their work and promote their brand on Instagram. 

This is a big opportunity for brands to social media marketing, but how do you let new website visitors know what people are saying about your brand on social media? 

Here comes the need for Instagram Widget to embed feeds on your website. In this article, I will walk you through the 3 amazing Instagram Widget that you can use on your website. 

But let’s first learn what are the benefits of using Instagram feeds on websites

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feeds On Website

Increase Customer Engagement

As the Instagram content is created by the real people, customers find it interesting and are curious to know more about what they are saying. 

New customers want to know what already existing customers say about the brand. Embedding Instagram feeds on a website gives your visitors the same experience as they receive while using Instagram. 

Your visitors like to stay on your website and want to check what are the people talking about you on social media. In this way embedding Instagram feeds increases customer engagement and interaction time with your brand.

Boost Brand Credibility

Instagram feeds are shared by the real people on Instagram with their own will and brands do not pay them any money to speak about their brands. 

People know about this fact and they believe in what others are saying. This increases your brand’s credibility and people trust in your product or service more than the promotional content on your website. 

Rise In Conversion Rate

As people believe what the other people are saying about your brand, it increases the chances of people like to get the same experience as other people are receiving. 

People like to buy that product which people are sharing on Instagram, this means using Instagram feeds you can increase conversion rate easily.

These are some of the benefits of using Instagram feeds on the website. Most importantly, it increases the conversion rate that every brand and business wants.  

Let’s learn more about different ways to embed Instagram feeds on a website. 

3 Amazing Ways To Embed Instagram Feeds on Website

Instagram Official Website

With Instagram’s official website, you can embed Instagram posts on your website without paying any money. You can copy the embed code by clicking three dots on the posts. After that, you need to paste the code in the website block and your Instagram feed on your website. 

It is the easiest way to embed Instagram feeds on your website without much technical knowledge. 

You can embed as many posts as you want on your website. But one disadvantage of using Instagram’s official website is that you have to do all this manually and it is a time-consuming process. 

Also, you cannot embed anybody’s Instagram posts without their permission. First, you need to ask the owner of the content to use their posts on your website and then place it on your website. 

Social Media Aggregator Tool

If you are a big brand or business and there are so many people who are sharing lots of posts using your hashtags and mentions on Instagram, then social media aggregators will do the job for you. 

With social media aggregator tools, you can embed multiple feeds on your website at a time and no need to do any manual process. 

Tools like Taggbox, TagEmbed, etc. help you to collect, curate, and display Instagram posts on your website 

You need to put relevant hashtags, mentions, and account profiles in the tool and it will curate all the related posts within a fraction of seconds. 

You can then click on the button to get an embed link to paste on your website. In this way, you can display several Instagram feeds on your website within a few minutes. 

WordPress Plugins

Another way to embed Instagram feeds on your website is by installing an Instagram widget plugin on your website. 

You can search for Instagram plugins on WordPress and install one for your website. It is an easy way to embed Instagram feeds on websites. 

Similarly, you have to use the hashtags, mentions, and account profile to collect feeds from Instagram, and with the code you embed feeds to your website. 

Final Words

These are some of the simplest ways to use Instagram feeds on your website. As discussed above, Instagram feeds help in increasing engagement, improving conversion rate, and trust in your customer for your brand. 

Not only this, but embedding Instagram feeds also makes your website look vibrant and people like to read your content. 

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