Some of The Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock

The type of lock you use for your home or office can play an integral role in determining how safe, secure, and convenient access can be. Instead of worrying about carrying a bunch of keys around, many are now choosing keypad locks, which may be more expensive than a standard lock but come with many benefits. Although installing a keypad lock is more complicated for locksmiths, they would still recommend a keypad lock instead of a generic lock and key.

In days past, keyless locks were mostly found in commercial businesses such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, but today, more homeowners are choosing to install them in houses, apartments, condos, too. Therefore, manufacturers of locks like Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, Honeywell, Simplex, Sifely, and Mul-t-Lock make such a huge profit.

Let’s take a quick peek at the many benefits of using keypad locks:

Entry and Exit are Keyless

One of the biggest advantages, if not the absolute biggest, is that you don’t need a key to open your doors. These locks work like an ATM, and you simply need to type in a four to ten-digit code to lock or unlock your doors. You don’t need to worry about making keys, losing keys, or sharing keys, either, as all you need is to memorize the code.

Better Home Security

Another benefit of keyless locks is better home security. These locks make it impossible for burglars to enter your home through doors, unless, of course, they know the code. Keep in mind that these people could certainly find keys that were lost, but with a keypad, they can’t get in without the code.

Codes You Can Change

 It’s possible that your codes could get into the wrong hands, but if this happens, you can always change your code. This also is convenient if you rent your home or property, as you don’t have to change locks. All you have to do is offer up the code. Many investment properties that post their homes for short term rentals have already transitioned to keypad locks since it requires absolutely zero maintenance. Even changing the code can be completed remotely with some of the keypad locks.

Kids are Safer

Another great benefit is the safety benefits that you can get. For example, you don’t have to worry about your kid losing their keys at school, and you don’t have to worry that they will get locked out. As long as your child knows the code, they can always get into the house…and once they do, the door locks automatically once again.

Design Choices

There is also a benefit to keyless locks if you like your home looking its best. There are a number of different design options on the market from the very traditional look to those that look like they come right out of the future. Additionally, these high-tech designs are virtually impossible to break, and as of now, there is no way that a criminal could duplicate this lock.

Easy Installation

If you are worried about the installation of these locks, don’t be. A professional locksmith can install one of these locks in one very quick appointment. It usually takes thirty to forty-five minutes to uninstall the old lock and install a new keypad lock on your door. But once the installation is completed, you will most likely never want to go back to standard locks.


Finally, you will find that a keypad lock comes with a high level of durability when compared to a traditional lock. The keyless lock will not malfunction or wear out, either. Why? Because they don’t have to deal with the constant friction that comes with the insertion and turning of keys. In a standard cylinder lock, there are small pins that in time stop reacting to the inserted key. Once that happens, you will not be able to lock or unlock your door until the cylinder is fixed or replaced. When it comes to convenience, security, and how easy it is to use, really, nothing is better than a keypad lock.

In summary

Keypad locks may be more expensive than the average standard locks. However, it is a long-term investment that secures your home and family.

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