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New Policies for New Zealand's Immigration

New Zealand is an island country in Oceania. In the 2017 NZ elections, New Zealand’s immigration was one of the big issues. As we know that if students want to study for more than three months then they would require an NZ student visa which allows aspirants to study full-time in New Zealand.

Do you know the New Zealand immigration system? As we know that in Canada and Australia there is a skills-based immigration system like New Zealand has the same. Most people want to live in New Zealand for several reasons. 

Staying Permanently

If anyone wants to work in New Zealand or wants to settle there permanently. Then you will need a resident visa or work visa for staying for a few years or permanently. No one can go there without a resident visa. 

Holidays in New Zealand

Hey, do you want to spend your holidays in New Zealand then you have to apply for the visitor visa. Now it takes a second to make a visitor visa because you can apply it online which is the fastest and easiest way. But there is no need for a visa in the case of having a passport from any country under a visa-waiver agreement. 

Check Here you are Eligible for an NZ Student Visa or not

  • If you are a student and you want to get an NZ student visa then there is a need for 18 age or above 18. You will not be eligible if you have less than 18 years. Otherwise, you need to come with your parents. 
  • If we see educational qualifications for an NZ student visa then you need to pass from any institutions. It doesn’t matter from which institution or college you have passed. The things that matter that you must have passed. (12th/ Graduation/ Post Graduation) If there is a gap in your education then you must justify the reason behind gaping. Suppose you are Indian then you must have 60% marks to apply. 
  • You must have good character. There is a requirement for the PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). You can take it from the police station. It shows the report of characters like whether you have any criminal charge or not. 
  • There must be good and fit health. For this, in every country, there is a panel that has specialist doctors. They check blood and chest x-ray. They will provide the NZR number which you have to mention while applying for an NZ student visa. 
  • You have to show financial savings by which you are going to study in New Zealand. You can show your fund, parents’ savings, or education loan from any banks. 

If you meet or are eligible for the above-mentioned visa eligibility then you can apply for an NZ student visa. 

New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

If you want to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months then you must need an NZ student visa. 

Firstly, prepare your plan or work and also you have to check all the documents that will need you. You have to mention the things that have mentioned below

  • The name of the courses that you want to study
  • You can provide the name of the educational provider and 
  • New Zealand’s location of the provider. 

You have to apply at least 8 weeks before your planning to migrate to New Zealand. You can apply it online if not then use printed form. You can renew your visas each year and even one should renew it. One can renew it oneself online or with some education providers. 

Cost of New Zealand Student Visa

Are you worried about the fee? No need to be worried, here you will get the information related to visa fee. When you submit your New Zealand student visa application in New Delhi then the fee will be NZD 330 + INR 747 approx but if paid via post, the fee is USD 222 + RS. 1,124 approx.