How to use links in Instagram Stories for marketing?

Instagram Stories allow you to insert links. Here’s how to best use them for social media marketing

Knowing how to best use Instagram Stories links allows you to make a company’s social media marketing even more effective. In general, Instagram of all social networks is the one that offers less space for inserting links. In the standard posts that are displayed in the news feed it is not possible to introduce them, while in the Stories it is possible, but being more nested links than those present in other social networks, you need to know how to manage them and make the most of them obtain concrete results.

How to insert a link in Instagram Stories?

First of all, it must be said that it is possible to insert a link in the Stories only if you have at least 10,000 followers. It is therefore a feature reserved only for accounts that have collected a very high level of interest from Instagram users. Alternatively, you can ask Instagram to verify your account. If the request is successful, the link function in the Stories will also be enabled in this case.

If your account is enabled for links, then when you start a Story just look for the icon that represents the link at the top. Tapping on this icon opens a screen where you will find the item “Add a link”. Here you can enter a URL. When the Story is completed and published, users will find the link to follow when swiping up.

A good method if you can’t link to Stories is to link an IGTV video to a Story. We talk about it in detail in this article: How to insert links in Instagram: the technique of IGTV videos in Stories.

Here are some tips that help you create effective links in Stories to do valuable Instagram marketing.

Drive more traffic to a specific page on the site

The most classic and obvious way in which Stories can be exploited is to use them as hooks to attract the attention of the public and convey it to the company website. In particular, it is possible to produce engaging content that has a bearing on the page to which you want to bring traffic and insert the link to this page.


Increase blog traffic

As a variant of the previous point, you can create Stories that point to a blog post. In general, for each blog post, you can think of creating a corresponding Story. Using appropriate images that represent the contents of the post or even just a graphic message that reproduces the title of the post it is possible to stimulate the interest of users, who through the link can be led directly to the posting page.

Lead generation by offering exclusive content

Exclusive videos, PDFs, white papers, podcasts, etc. can all be content that people may be interested in enjoying. Stories can be published on Instagram that offers users to receive this content. Just insert a link that leads to a landing page where they can download or access it. The landing page will contain a form where users can leave their email or other direct contact references in exchange for accessing the content to download.

Propose tutorials

Instagram Stories are also suitable for proposing mini-tutorials on how to do something. In this case, the link can refer the user to an in-depth analysis published on the company website, to a video, to a dedicated PDF, to a Slide Share presentation, etc. Also in this case you can evaluate whether to link the download of the tutorial to the communication of your email.

Promote products or services for sale online

The promotion of a product for sale on the e-commerce site is the use of links from Instagram Stories that companies that sell online usually appreciate the most. In this way, history is transformed into a real direct sales tool, which is well designed and connected to an effective landing page that can bring economically significant results.

Offer discount coupons or other promotions that link to physical outlets

As an alternative to direct sales, you can use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes to bring people to visit a physical store. In this case, the Story will have to present a particular opportunity offered at the point of sale – for example, to test a product, receive a gadget, participate in an exclusive presentation, etc. – and through the link, the user can find out more details that describe it or download an exclusive invitation that maybe can be sent to him via email (and in this case the event allows lead generation).

Promote registrations for a webinar

Webinars are one of the trends of the moment and allow companies to get a great level of engagement from attendees. The first problem with webinars is getting people to sign up. For this purpose, Instagram Stories can be an excellent channel to let people know about the webinar. The link will lead to a landing page where users can provide their data and confirm their subscription.

At the moment Instagram can be considered the most effective social network from the point of view of online emotional communication. In particular, the Stories host a good part of the most original and fun content currently on the web and social media users appreciate them very much. Their usability is also maximum on mobile devices, which contributes to maximising their effectiveness. The online marketing of companies can have a great benefit from the use of Stories and the links that can be inserted can be an opportunity not to be missed.

To obtain maximum effectiveness in communication, however, it is always necessary to consider associating organic communication, not for a fee, with advertising based too.

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