How to Save Money without Cutting Anything from the Lifestyle

Brand loyalty is essential for the customers to maintain a long and healthy relationship to the service providers. However, it is wise to break the commitment if the same service requires you to pay more. A little research in the market and you will find a better offer from the competitors.

It is not necessary to change the lifestyle to increase savings. You can save some serious money with little tricks or tips.

Here are some tips for using the same service or items, but at a lower price.

Gas and Electricity

Gas and electricity are two of the most critical and essential bills in every household budget. You can ask the current provider for some cheaper tariff or other alternatives to save money. If the deal offered is not acceptable, find other providers with a better deal.

Use the previous bills to get the average energy consumption of your house. You can use it on a comparison website to choose the better deal. Ask the current supplier for any exit fee as it might change the whole decision to switch supplier.

Water Meter

Houses without a water meter pay an amount regardless of their consumption. The fancy homes are asked to pay more, while the smaller ones get a better deal. However, the efficiency of this system differs based on a household’s condition.

Take out the water bill and ask the supplier to get an estimate on the bill with a meter. In England or Wales, the water meter fitting will be free. Contact the service provider to get the job done.


Your current service provider might be with you for more than a decade now. Still, it is not a good reason to pay more for the same service. You must go through the present consumption and cost before you start the search for a new service provider.

If the data charges are standard, you can try to cut down the data usage. You will find better deals with smooth connectivity for unlimited packs. Just go through some websites or local service provider’s office.

Asking the current provider for a better deal is also a good option. You will avoid the installation charges and the mess it will create. They have customer retention team that tries their best to make your stay.


There are times when the cost of travelling is more than the other expenses of the trip combined, which makes cost-efficient travel essential to curb your costs while you enjoy the same lifestyle. Start with planning the route considering the cheaper fuel stations.

If you are travelling by trains, railcard can save up to one-third of the total cost. You can use the internet to find the cheapest ticket. There are numerous travel sites these days to provide better deals to the customers.

Try not to use the credit card for ticket booking as the interest rates are incredibly high. Apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender to pay for the trip. The instalments will be much lower than your credit card.

Home Insurance

Home insurance are essential to ensure financial stability in times of a disaster. However, the prices are sometimes unreasonable even for the peace of mind they provide. Inspect the whole structure to get the data you need to negotiate the price.

Use a comparison site to check offers from different providers. There are plenty of sites with almost every primary insurance provider in the UK. Contact their representatives as they might offer a better deal to you.

You need to be sure of the insurance policy required in your case. If you own the house, building insurance is recommended that will cover damage to the whole structure. If not, content insurance is ideal for you that covers everything inside your house from loss, damaged, or theft.

Smartphone and Sim

The smartphone and their monthly mobile bill are the common overspendings that go with necessity and needs. You might be paying over a thousand of paying for a smartphone with a sim card. Instead, opt only for the sim card deal to save significant cash.

Select the tariff bases on your actual consumption. Do not upgrade the smartphone every other year as they are not outdated this soon. Again, go through the customer retention team to make your current provider give you a better deal.

Mobile Bills

Since you might have selected the right smartphone and tariff, it is time for the mobile bill. The data, calls, and texts allowed in your tariff is the limit for you each month. Try not to exhaust it before the time of renewal.

You can use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to reduce consumption. However, do not use the public network for sensitive information. Optimise the data consumption with the right settings in your smartphone.

To sum up, sometimes smart ways to save money can save you the trouble of going all minimalistic. They may add the extra push to help you achieve the financial goals. However, make sure you don’t miss any hidden cost while deciding any alternative to the current services.

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