Go Through Your First Week of Invisalign With These 6 Tips and Tricks

Are you getting ready to start your aligner treatment? It can be a mix of anxiety and happiness. But we do advise patients to treat their mouth right and form a regular and hygienic oral care that can help in the period of treatment.

Bear in mind that you have to wear your trays for 22 hours every day. Committing to this is not easy – it can be unsettling and painful. So, having known what it is to use Invisalign treatment, we would be showing you 6 tips to help you undergo treatment and make the most out of it.

Here we go:

  1. Keep your tongue safe: Since Invisalign trays are made from clear plastic, this means the edges can cause sores during the first few days of your treatment, but your mouth will take to it with time. A useful method here which you can try is to wax up the rough and sharp edges of the aligners. How? Roll minimal wax between your fingers and cover the sharp areas with it. Should there be rough sections that cannot be waxed, ask your orthodontist to help you file them down.You can also use a peroxide-based mouthwash to alleviate pain and minor oral irritation following orthodontic treatment. This is a unique formula that soothes pain in the gum and teeth. It has a refreshing, foamy effect that takes care of the pain squarely. One bottle of this in your possession will make a big difference during your Invisalign treatment.
  1. Fix every discomfort and pain you feel: Granted, Invisalign is painful, and patients will experience discomfort in their jaw and teeth. By exerting a gentle force on your teeth, Invisalign moves them into the correct position. We recommend chewing exercises for your teeth several times daily, and each time you wear your trays. These exercises help to relieve the pain in the teeth and also move in line with treatment.Chewing massages your gum and triggers blood full of nutrients to flow to the mouth, reducing pain naturally. It also helps your aligners fit snugly for effective movement of the teeth. Ask your orthodontist for styrofoam chewies you can use during treatment.
  1. Movemints are great for daily use: Before now, patients had to chew on styrofoam chewies, suction tips, or ballpoint pen to massage their gums. But presently, there is a chewie that proves to be more sanitary and makes your breath fresh: Movemints. This is said to be the only mint that fits trays used by patients the world over. Movemints provides a gentle form of chewing all day long. Designed with great taste, zero sugar and sweetener like beneficial xylitol, Movemints prevents dry mouth, and you can chew them with your aligners on.
  2. Monitor how long you use aligners daily: Having invisible braces means making lifestyle changes that may not be easy. Aligners are removable, but it can be a disadvantage which is why orthodontist think only adults and older teens should use them. Failing to put on your aligners for 22 hours can stretch your treatment time longer than expected. But how do you know if you’re wearing them as expected? Numerous tools can help you track your wearing. For instance, TrayMinder, a mobile app can tell you how long you’ve or haven’t worn your trays and when to change trays.An Invisalign accessory like retainer case can help you keep the trays safe. Have one in your bag, purse, office, and backpack to maintain your wearing routine. Interestingly, there’s also the nCase, an advanced tracking system for London Invisalign users that is integrated with a smartphone app. This will notify you when you’ve had your trays out for long so you can manage your wearing time effectively.
  1. Safely take out your aligners: To save yourself of the stress of struggling with your fingers to take out your aligners which could cause little scratches here and there, a safe aligner removal tool OrthoKey is here. Do you know that using fingers to remove trays will make them tighter as treatment goes on? This is where the OrthoKey comes in hand. Seamlessly it pops those trays free from your teeth. It is designed to fit into your Invisalign retainer case so you can carry it about conveniently. We have useful aligner accessories at our practice to keep your oral hygiene sound while receiving treatment.
  2. Care for your trays: Knowing full well how hard it can be to maintain your aligners, especially when it comes to keeping it stain-free, some solutions can be used to cleanse instead of rinsing your trays. While we are not encouraging you to drink beverages with your aligners on, you can use this method to pump out that stain and germ from each aligner. The Smile Saver Spray from Soluria is one of such stain removal treatments in the industry that can eliminate germs and bacteria responsible for bad breath. This should be used as a backbone for breaking the rules of wearing Invisalign. But should it happen, which we hope it doesn’t, you can get a quick fix with this solution. Clear and clean trays are beautiful and won’t allow people to notice you’re wearing aligners.

Build A Routine and Abide by It

In your effort to have a better smile, include a personal regimen that covers good hygiene and habits you can stick to. Practising these Invisalign tips in your day to day life can create more comfort and convenience as you move towards smile restoration.

Do you have any questions to ask? Feel free to share them with Invisalign dentist. Are there other tips and tricks you know about? It will be a pleasure to hear from you. All the same, an Invisalign dentist is devoted to providing the best treatment for Invisalign patients, both new and existing.