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Garlic and Its Innate Benefits on Human Health

The advantages of garlic have been long acknowledged in every ancient civilization and brought in to active use by the Chinese and the Pakistanis dating thousands of years back. To such an extent that during the great days of yore its paste was used to prevent open wounds turning into septic. Its anti-microbial properties were well recognized by Louis Pastor. Garlic is no doubt the treasure trove of health benefits. This ‘miracle bulb’ of the family Liliaceae is richly endowed with natural antibiotic properties owing to rich collection of varied sulfur compounds. The presence of allicin is liable for agreeing garlic with its unique pungent taste and magical therapeutic properties. It helps to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream besides taking care of common cold and flu. Garlic is an effective anti-oxidant for it has property to capture the age-causing ‘free radicals’.

Raw garlic comes very strong and people allergic to it may fall victim to headache, skin rashness, fever etc. Garlic is known to cause thinning of blood and facilitates free blood flow. As of result of its ability to thwart anti-coagulants, consumption of garlic is avoided before surgery. Eating garlic prevents the formation of blood clots. It prevents the developed of plaques in the arterial systems and reduces the chances of atherosclerotic ailments, strokes and blood pressure.

Garlic helps eliminate the hazardous effects of heavy metals like mercury and lead if consumed by chance in food or breathed in as a component of air pollution. It also prevents the cancer of the digestive tract besides ulcers and retards the formation of tumors in the body. Garlic also provides relief from colon/bowel irritability.

Owing to its anti-viral and anti-fungal properties it decreases event of fevers by method of improving immunity. Immunity is boosted on account of allicin by inducing the creation of more ‘natural cells’ enabling the body to fight microbes diligently.

The micro-nutrient selenium is found in garlic in wealth and keeps the integrity of eyes and other functions of the body agreeably. It is also a rich source of vitamin C and the fountain of youth and good health.

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