Develop the Best Traveling Mobile App: The Right Way!

The Digital revolution has left no stone unturned. It has managed to touch every sector contributing to a functioning economy, and traveling is no exception. The concept of mobile application development in the traveling industry has gained immense popularity after travelers’ preferences and behavioral patterns changed with adaptation to technology. 

Developing mobile applications to provide traveling related information has allowed travel firms and other local businesses to reach their prospective audience via their smartphones. 

Nowadays, people are mainly dependent on mobile applications for everything they do. Therefore, we suggest that each traveling company must develop its own mobile applications to connect better with their audience. 

From searching to which place to go during a particular season to actually booking a trip- traveling mobile application can ease out the hectic process of finding a good travel deal. 

Many users prefer taking the digital path to book their trip. Thus, traveling applications have gained significant popularity in the current times. 

Therefore, if you own a travel agency, you should develop your mobile application because online is where your audience is. 

What features should your travel mobile application have?

Now that more and more travel agencies are putting their money into developing their travel applications, it is essential to integrate the right features to outstand the existing competition. 

As a mobile app development company, we can say these features are exactly what you need in your travel app: 

  • An online site map, weather forecast, and navigation:

One of the main areas of concern for a user planning a trip is the clothes s/he should pack; therefore, knowing about the weather condition they will be witnessing is essential. Mobile applications owned by travel agencies must give information of 24 hours to their users about the temperature they will be traveling into.

It would be even better if your users can attain customized weather information about the specific dates they plan their trip on to make their journey more enjoyable. 

Another crucial aspect is providing navigation and maps so that your users can go directly to their desired location without any deviation along the way. Try not to ask your users to download a third-party application to find their way to their location, and it would be better if you give them everything they wish. 

  • Automatic itinerary generation for travelers: 
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Many reports published by the leading traveling companies worldwide suggest that users prefer to plan their trips over the pre-built itinerary offered by travel companies. 

Data submitted by Amadeus suggests that around 60% of leisure and 41% of business travelers make use of the internet for arranging their own travel

After observing this trend, many traveling agencies have a particular requirement that offers users an “automatic itinerary generator” in their travel mobile application. 

Based on the user’s location, the automatic itinerary generator can suggest the places to visit, and the activities a user can do based on the duration they are planning their trip in. 

  • Booking Facilities: 

Online booking is a must in this digital age. If your travel based mobile application fails to provide enough features for the users to book their hotel or flights, it is a total waste. 

The same report from Amadeus suggests 40% of travel bookings are made through digital means.

The primary aim of mobile application development for a traveling agency is to provide every single detail related to the trip your users are planning. 

If you integrate your application with in-built booking functionality, you will not have to redirect your users to another application or website that offers to book. Therefore, your users will remain loyal to just your app and nothing else.

  • Recommendations, reviews, and feedback:

93% of travelers around the world base either traveling decisions of the reviews submitted by other travelers. 

If you got to be in the traveling business, you got to have good reviews from past travelers; otherwise, you’ll stand nowhere.

If a user is planning on visiting a place that s/he has never been to before, they will only base their decisions on others’ reviews. 

Therefore, a mobile app development company developing a traveling application must show a significant number of impartial reviews to formulate their opinion.

The application should allow the users to post genuine reviews increasing the trust others put in your mobile app.

  • 24*7 Customer Service:
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Traveling can be smooth as a calm sea or risky like a turbulent one. While it is good that you are making your users’ traveling experience convenient, you should ensure that whatever you do is the best. 

Therefore, for providing a smoother user experience, you must be available to hear all the problems and solve all the queries your users come up with while they are out on their trip

Hence, you need to offer 24*7 customer support via AI like chatbots or call centers with your executives. When your users have the option of discussing their queries and problems or giving feedback from anywhere at any time, they will feel more connected to your organization. 

This will improve their overall traveling experience, and they will keep coming back to you more all their future travels. 

Humans are social animals; they need to socialize to function at their best. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we flaunt our travel diaries. Since billions of people are active on social media and use it to show the world what they’re doing, it becomes essential for you to integrate your application with social media channels. 

Let them post their check-ins and check-out or travel photos via your application to their social media portals. This will increase your app’s popularity among the users, and if a post is shared via your app, others will know about it too. 


The travel industry had come to a halt due to the pandemic conditions; however, as the world is moving towards the end of lockdown, the travel industry is booming again. Therefore, to get back on their feet, a travel company would have to go with mobile application development and reach a broader audience in less time. Leads is the destination and the mobile app is the vehicle. 

The secret to better business is here; all you have to do is implement it right. 

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