APPRECIATE BIG: 5 Little Victories Worth Celebrating in Life

Happiness does not only spring up from big accomplishments. Even the smallest ones can make the biggest smiles!  

Life is sometimes too busy and demanding that people’s standard of joy tends to depend on what the world says. For some, it feels like being content and happy is expensive and hard to achieve. Sadly, some people lean on other people’s compliments and criticisms to define their glee. They think they can be happy only when the world allows them to. Because of society’s scales, even personal happiness is difficult to reach nowadays.

But hey, open your eyes wider, and look around! Happiness depends on yourself — not on what social media fully portrays and not on what the people who don’t care at all say. You are awesome and capable! In various ways, you are. There are successes in life which are left unnoticed just because they don’t seem huge, special or appreciated by other people, yet know that you value happiness when you value yourself. 

No one can stop you from taking delight even in the outwardly tiny things and from jollying even in the seemingly ordinary days. To prove that further, here are 5 of the numerous little victories in life that are worth celebrating!



life victories: learning how to ride a bike

The gladness of being a young kid is still unmatched. No era in life can be compared to childhood. The pureness and the innocence of it, combined with the pleasurable kiddie games and activities, are peerless! They make for simplicity of life. Truly, this is why a lot of adults wish they were younger again. 

Among the childhood joys that surely have tailored unforgettable memories is riding a bicycle. Learning how to do so has the vastest part because stepping on the pedals, balancing the bike and making it completely move are just some of its many challenges.

Both for the still-young children and for the young-at-heart, being able to ride a bicycle is definitely an accomplishment. Kids enjoy learning and take pride at the first time succeeding in it. You can see their genuine chuckles despite some wounds and scratches.

On the other hand, you are aware that there are adults who still don’t know how to do that even after having their own offspring. That’s not a problem, but when they get to discover their talent for biking, it’s absolutely a terrific fulfillment.

Being able to learn how to ride and drive a bicycle is certainly a victory because it’s not easy. There are inevitable hurdles that will make you want to give up in the middle, but pushing through and reaching it are worth them all.



life victories: spending time away from screens

You are not always aware that spending a lot of time online is one of the reasons why you get stressed, worried and even hateful. Fake news, steaming arguments and even authentic yet distressing information are all around. It’s true that you need to be informed, but taking time off your screens and social media accounts is also a must.  

A social media detox is essential. Loads of benefits are truly reaped from it. It allows you to pay attention to other significant things more than your virtual timelines. This lets you pick up your feet and be active instead of lazily sitting or lying down while watching videos and memes on Facebook or while reading a thread of showbiz issues on social media. 

Although concentrating on a social media detox is commonly not as simple as saying it, it’s very much possible, and the results are incomparable! After all, even if you are not online for a few days, you can still see and hear of the things you might have missed for a while. 

Spending some time away from screens is a significant attainment because people’s lives are mostly occupied with technology and the Internet. Excessive usage is unhealthy. Gadgets are like magnets hard to remove from hands, so when you step away from the screens for some time, it’s a wholesome break for yourself.

What’s more, you are able to complete more important tasks and to relax and unwind. That opens more rooms for productivity.




Creating a to-do list for the plans you have is very advantageous. It helps you keep track of the things you must start and finish by their deadlines or just by the date you wish to have them done. 

Sometimes, it’s stressful to jot down a lengthy list. At first, you might already feel tired while just thinking of how you will wrap them all up. Not to mention, when schedules clash and unexpected events occur, the to-do list needs to be adjusted as well. 

It’s true that although you wrote such a list, there are instances when it takes quite a few days before you actually accomplish them. While that could be frustrating for some, realize that the important part is you are making progress. What’s distressing to think and see is when you have not even begun anything. 

Taking out all the unused clothes from your disordered closet is time-consuming, so when you are able to finally do that, there’s a sigh of relief! Knowing you can already mark the hotel accommodation booking task which your mom told you to do is a lovely feat. Driving to the grocery store to fill your empty refrigerator has fruitful end products.   

Regardless of the on-going count of crossed items, being able to tick off things inside your to-do list gives an irreplaceable satisfaction and warm fuzzies! Even if you have just checked off 2 points in the to-do list, and there’s still 10 following them, do not be discouraged. Small progress is still progress; it’s something still worth a grin.




When you are a plant parent, your plant babies’ journey is precious to you. As you see a tiny sprout growing from the soil you’ve been nourishing for weeks already, you will totally be excited to take care of your darlings even more. This is why many fall in love with gardening. 

Witnessing the growth and maturation of your plants which were once seeds is a whopping amusement. You will realize how rewarding it is to appreciate and raise these living creatures of nature. You will love them just as parents love their own children. 




People are busy with work, night shifts, early morning duties and exhausting responsibilities.  Sleeping early does not seem very attainable in this fast-paced world. Furthermore, lifestyles have changed, and nights are treated like days by others. While some spend their late-night time for job completion, some use it for entertainment. 

Having 24 hours each day does not seem sufficient to cater to everything one needs and wants to do. This is why getting enough proper sleep is a hard-to-reach goal nowadays. In this age when people’s body clocks are usually messed up, completing the ideal 8-hour sleep is something you can be proud of — that means sleeping early and waking up early too.  

As you know, a person who sleeps right is more energetic than those who do not. You can differentiate among these types of people through their visual appearance and physical capabilities. If you slept well last night, you will probably look brighter and more blooming today and will become more enthusiastic and active to move! All these and their branching outcomes relating to productivity make up a good day! You can treat this as a reason to celebrate even with a glass of milkshake and a slice of cake in a nearby cafe. 




Everyone is different and unique in his/her own way, yet that fact does not make anyone less than anybody. Let neither the cruelty of this world nor other people’s selfish opinions dictate your happiness. Always, there’s something good in everything, and you’re able to do more than you think and more than others’ false mouths say about you. 

Though there actually are enormous goals people commonly target such as graduating from school, finding a job, getting promoted at work, building a harmonious family and so on, know that you can always find bliss in between. While you work towards these long-term aims and more, don’t forget to have fun and see the great progress you’ve been making in the typical things. 

The moment you learn to treasure even the smallest of efforts and the briefest cheers of life is the exact moment you get to love yourself more, that even in the little victories you have, you know how to celebrate and be grateful.




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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