9 Inspirations for Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is just as important as choosing the dress for the ceremony, and requires great care. Care is needed to make it look good in the audience, and in the photos.

If you don’t have a lot of money left over to pay a celebrity makeup artist, you can do it at home. Are you skilled with brushes, make-up products and colors? Then you have the necessary skills.

Of course, this tip is for guests in general. If you happen to be a godmother or even the bride herself, the help of professionals for the process is recommended.

Do you want to do your wedding makeup at home? Here are the best selected 9 tips for you to fulfill this mission and rock the wedding.

Check out 9 tips on how to do makeup for a wedding at home, which are as following?

  1. Waterproof

There is no use running away: you will cry in marriage. So to go through all the emotions smoothly, without smudging your makeup, you will need waterproof products. Eyelash mask, eyeliner and eye pencil are the ones that most need to be waterproof.

  1. Colors of eyeshadow and lipstick

You need to choose the colors of eyeshadow and lipstick for your makeup days before the wedding. The shadows for wedding day are those of shades like peach, gold and light brown. For the night, those with darker tones, like dark brown and black, fall very well.

Nude lipstick looks great during the day, and a coffee, wine or red brown at night. In addition, avoid using the eyeshadow in the same color as the dress.

  1. Skin preparation

You need to think about skin preparation. Clean it thoroughly, washing and applying the products suitable for your skin type, and then apply a primer all over the face, to ensure the uniformity of the skin. So, skin preparation is really important before you go for a makeup.

  1. Eyes before the base

Now it’s time to focus on brushes, eyeshadows, eyeliner, pencils and mascara.

Before passing the base, do the eyes. This is because there will invariably be shadow residues that will need to be removed on the sides of the eyes and below the lower lashes.

Afterwards, use a pencil on the waterline and the root of the lashes, eyeliner and lots of mask on the upper lashes, to highlight the look.

Incidentally, a tip mouth is to bet on brown shadows. They are timeless and fit for any occasion.

  1. Base of intense coverage

At a wedding, there are very bright lights because of the photos and footage. That’s why it asks you to choose an intense coverage base. Apply a more intense powder and according to your skin to rock the records.

  1. Long-lasting lipstick

The gown needs to be long lasting, because after the wedding you will still have the party and you will spend a lot of time with it. Use long-lasting lipstick or matte effect.

  1. Don’t try to innovate

Innovating is always good, however, a wedding is not ideal for that. Do not risk too much and try to do what you already have custom and intimacy. If you want to take a chance, start practicing long beforehand to master the techniques.

  1. Translucent powder

For touch-ups, use a good translucent powder, without any color. Apply to areas of the face where oiliness and shine usually interfere and can be used on any skin tone.

On the other hand, more yellowish and sparkling tones are indicated for brown and black skins.

  1. Touch-up kit

Ceremonies are long. Your skin, you eat and wipe your mouth with a napkin, drink and lose lipstick in glasses and cups. That is why it is important to have a make-up kit on the clutch. Basically, the essential items are lipstick, translucent powder, concealer and mascara.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion we can say that remember, with the right makeup there is nothing that can go wrong. All you need to do is find the right attire that goes along with your looks. If you take care of all of the above mentioned inspirational points you can be able to make your special occasion quite memorable and interesting.

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