5 Best Things About Christmas Traditions In The America

It is a well-known fact that Christmas is among the most celebrated annual festival all across the globe. Even though it is a festival of Christians but with its charm and festivities, it is celebrated by almost everyone. Christmas holidays help people escape from their busy schedules and indulge in a fun-filled family union. This festival commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who stepped on this earth as a messiah and is celebrated universally on 25th December. On this day we find happy faces all around, that’s why this day is also a known day of happiness. Christmas is a day when people unite with their family and friends to share some great moments and to build long-lasting memories and relations.


Everyone, whether a student or a professional, visits their parent’s, siblings and childhood friends for a holiday get together.  Family members prepare for their warm welcome by arranging events like dancing, singing and having their favourite home delicacies prepared by mother.

Well you know what they say; nothing can beat your favourite dish prepared by your mother.

Sharing gifts is also one of the best aspects of Christmas, in addition to all the shopping and games.


Even though each religion and each country has its own way of beautifully celebrating Christmas and all of them are equally amazing, America has one of the widely accepted traditions and festivities. Let’s narrow down a few aspects of American Christmas celebrations that are noteworthy.



Christmas Themed Cakes:  Christmas themed cakes are a huge hit every festive season. They mark an essential ritual and tradition everywhere during Christmas. Cakes are an integral part of almost all the occasions and events all across the globe. A delicious cake can be game-changer at any occasion can be a showstopper and a game changer as well. You can experiment with new and unique flavours every year. People love to send Christmas cakes to the loved ones that are not geographically feasible, as a way of reminding them how special they are to them.


Christmas tree: The first and foremost decorative item that people look for during Christmas is a massive and dense Christmas tree. This tradition of decorating these trees dates back to the 16th century based in Germany. This is one of the most prominent symbols of Christmas and is celebrated foolproof without fail. It is such a hit in America that people have to book a Christmas tree well in advance to make sure there is no shortage at the time of celebration. Giant Christmas trees are decorated with colourful twinkling lights and small bells. Apart from this, there are small candy canes hidden somewhere in the tree for children to find and eat. The most significant part of a Christmas tree decoration is the big star or angel on the top of the tree, which in most regions are hung by the eldest of the family as a blessing.



Carol singing: Carols are songs that are sung by people in praise of Jesus Christ. People form teams singing and dancing and roam in the street visiting neighbours. This is mainly done by Children who are further awarded treats and baked goodies for their singing and efforts.


Santa Clause

Santa Clause is a mythological character that has emerged from the well known Saint Nicholas. Young kids everywhere are told stories of how Santa Claus visits well-mannered kids, the night before Christmas and distributes gifts to them. They hang stockings near the fireplace so that the Santa can put small gifts chocolates in them. According to the mythical tales, he has a white beard and dresses in a red costume.  Days before Christmas, parents encourage the kids to write a letter to Santa Clause to tell him of all the gifts they want. Writing such letters, in turn, gives the idea to the parents of their kid’s wishes and can further gift them the same.


Xmas Gifts

Gifts are the best traditions of Christmas; people everywhere in the world give gifts to their loved ones to show them how much they love them. It is a way to thank the people that have made a mark in our lives and have stood by us during ups and downs. Even though gifting might seem easy, but it can be a tedious job to find so many gifts that cater to every person in your life. Everyone has their own needs, and you should always dig in for these to get them a perfect gift.

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Markets are full of discounts, Christmas themed gifts, and Santa stuffed toys. The whole street lights up with beautiful starry lights. You can see children singing carols and playing games. Homes are also decorated inside out with lights, stars and Christmas wreaths. Walls are decorated with stars, angels and stockings. People sit in front of the fireplace in their pyjama sets sipping hot chocolate and sharing memorable moments.



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