10 Best Classic Nintendo Games of All Time 2020

Nintendo is a game console that is very popular around the world in the late ’80s to mid ’90s. In India, this machine used to be considered a “luxury” game that was usually owned by the children of the rich. This time, TechTanker will invite you to reminisce a little by providing a list of the ten best Nintendo games in the world.


Who would have thought, the games presented in very simple 2-dimensional graphics could eventually turn into super-sophisticated games with stunning graphics. If you want to reminisce, just download the Best Nintendo DS emulator and try to play the following titles:


  1. Contra III: The Alien Wars


Released in 1992, Contra was the most popular adventure game of its time. Presented in very simple two-dimensional graphics, Contra III presents a journey of the main character who slightly resembles Rambo in eradicating aliens and evil robots that attack the earth.


The concept of this game is quite simple. Advance from level to level, collect power-ups that can make your gun even more deadly, and fight the bosses in each level that have a unique shape and are harder to beat.


  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


There’s no way we can mention the name Nintendo without discussing the Legend of Zelda. Until now, this game franchise is one of the most successful in the world.  A Link to the Past series Zelda which is presented very nicely and unique, a combination of two-dimensional adventure and a little puzzle solving.


Make no mistake, Link’s figure who is the main character in this game is not like now. He looked like a fat dwarf with very short legs and arms. However, simple graphics will not reduce your fun playing this game.


  1. Aladdin


Long before the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed series, there was already the adventure of Aladdin who also liked to hang from one building to another. Aladdin’s goal at that time was only one, to save Princess Jasmine from the clutches of the evil witch Jafar. In his adventure, Aladdin will be assisted by a blue lamp genie who is very funny.


In his day, the Aladdin game arguably had good graphics. This game really looks similar to the film version which is also quite popular in the market. Make no mistake, finishing Aladdin is much more satisfying than completing the game Assassin’s Creed III , because the difficulty level is more challenging.


  1. Zombies Ate My Neighbors


This series is also one of the first zombie games created, before we got to know the Resident Evil series which started the boom of zombie games in the next two decades. Here you play the role of a yellow-haired character with a rocker style, whose job is to save the survivors from a zombie attack.


Great music, simple but thrilling gameplay make Zombie Ate My Neighbor worthy of being included in the list of 10 best Nintendo games of all time. Although not at all scary, this game is very entertaining for anyone.


  1. Street Fighter Alpha II


Talking about the best fighting game for Nintendo consoles, Street Fighter Alpha II can be called the best title. This game was released in 1997, at the end of the heyday of Nintendo, which the Sony PlayStation console had started to shift its position. The excellent quality of the game makes it worthy of being called one of the most fun Street Fighter titles to play.


Graphically, this game can be likened to a two-dimensional fighting game released for PSX consoles, such as Marvel vs Capcom or Pocket Fighter .  Street Fighter Alpha II is considered as one of the last sweet offerings that Nintendo has given to its loyal fans.


  1. International Superstar Soccer


Not many people know that International Superstar Soccer is the forerunner of Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer created by KONAMI.  International Super Soccer was released to the market shortly after the 1994 World Cup fever hit the United States, and it proved to be quite an entertaining game.


With two-dimensional graphics, minimal comments, and only cheers from the crowd while you play; this game looked quite stunning in its time. There are various countries that you can play in this game, even though the names of the players are fictitious names or not real,


  1. Harvest Moon


If we compare the Harvest Moon version of Nintendo with games best Harvest Moon this time, it is clear the quality is very different. But make no mistake, the game released in 1997 was one of the pioneers of the world’s first farming simulation game. Its success is extraordinary, considering that they offer a new concept that has never existed before.


The combination of simulation and RPG elements made this game received a positive response from the market. Not long after, Natsume released the title Harvest Moon: Back to Nature with much better graphics and gameplay, which brought this franchise to glory.



  1. Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario is a character that is the hallmark of the Nintendo console. The mustached plumber from Italy is also one of the biggest icons in the history of the world of video games. His adventure in freeing Princess Peach and fighting various fantasy monsters seemed never to be swallowed up by the ages.


Super Mario Bros. made for the Super Nintendo console is considered to be one of the best Mario titles ever made of all time. Until now, there have been hundreds of Mario games released for Nintendo machines such as the N64, GameCube, and Wii.


  1. Chrono Trigger


One of the factors that make Chrono Trigger worthy of being called the best Nintendo game of all time is due to the involvement of Akira Toriyama as a character designer. Akira Toriyama himself is the illustrator for the manga Dragon Ball, a series that is still being played on television.


Chrono Trigger tells the story of the adventures of a child named Chrono in navigating two different dimensions of time. Until now, the storyline in Chrono Trigger is considered one of the best stories in the world of RPG games.


  1. Final Fantasy


Nobody thought that this simple game released by Square in 1990 would become the seed of the Final Fantasy franchise, whose popularity is now so global. After being considered unsuccessful in the American market, there was a delay of approximately three years before the English version of this game was officially released on the market.


The concept of an adventure to save the world, cool monsters, the ability to use magic and recruit other characters made Final Fantasy received a positive response from game fans around the world. Its success continues, and so far we can find the 14th series Final Fantasy made in an online game format. Not only that, animated films from the Final Fantasy franchise have also been released on the big screen several times.


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