Why iPad Repair is Hard Compared to Other Devices?

Are you experiencing issues while using your iPad? If yes, then you are going to soon find out that it is not an easy device to fix. It is, therefore, recommended that you should never try to solve its issues yourself. You should always take the help of professionals who are known for their effective iPad repair in your city. They have to be very experienced and well-trained. It is because repair technicians who have never undergone proper training and do not have much experience can further damage your beloved device and make it an expensive junk piece.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why the iPad is one of the toughest mobile devices to repair.

Strong Adhesive

Apple uses strong adhesives to keep all components of iPads glued inside. They make it very difficult to disassemble the device when someone has to replace the dead battery or cracked screen, or when damaged parts have to be repaired. According to iFixit, “a strong barrier of very strong adhesives hinders all [iPad] repairs.” Even battery replacement becomes a complicated repair job because of copious amounts of adhesives. For example, the iPad 7 battery replacement job can be considered “obnoxious,” as more “adhesive holds nearly everything else in place,” iFixit notes. The logic board replacement is also not easy because of this reason.

Hidden Screws   

Hidden screws, too, make it difficult to open the iPad for repair. Even the most experienced professionals find the disassembling process complicated due to them. Special tools, expertise and training are needed to deal with them.

Soldered to Logic Board

Some lightning port issues can only be solved by replacing it. And, it is tough to replace it, especially in iPad Air 3. It is because the lightning port is soldered to the logic board.

Foam Sticky Tape 

The iPad 6 features a foam stick tape. It attaches the LCD to the front panel. iFixit states that this “increases the risk” of damage during the opening process.

How to Solve iPad issues? 

The iPad is preferred by professionals, creators, students, and gamers, as it comes with an amazing range of features and offers a great experience to its users. This experience gets ruined when you encounter an issue. It stops you from using your prized possession properly. The good news is that most problems, including complicated ones, can be solved. But, it cannot be fixed by taking the do it yourself (DIY) route. No online video tutorial can make you capable of doing an effective iPad fixing job, even if it is the simple task of battery replacement.

You must always seek professional help when you encounter a problem while using your iPad. But, all professionals might not have the skills needed to do iPad repair. So, first, you have to determine who can do top-quality repairs and can restore your device to its original condition efficiently.

Devoted to iPad Repair

The iPad is almost a mini-computer and not your regular tablet. And, you cannot expect tablet repair experts to do a correct iPad repair job. It is because they might not have handled enough iPads, might not have an in-depth understanding of its components and repair protocol, as well as they might have no idea about how to deal with adhesives and screws. You have to find professionals who are devoted to fixing iPads. And, if you want to hand over your device to them, you have to book an appointment with a centre that is completely focused on the repair of Apple devices.

Uses Apple Designed Tools, Parts, and Follows Latest Protocol

Professionals must be equipped with the right tools and genuine components. Also, they should know all about the latest repair protocol for Apple devices. These three factors are central to excellent repairs. Without them, no professional, even with years of experience, can solve any iPad-related problem.


The iPad continues to be a popular Apple device. In recent years, it has increased its user base in India as well. It, however, continues to be one of the hardest mobile devices to fix. It is because of adhesives, screws, and other components and features. So, when it is time for iPad repair, you have to be very careful about who to contact. You must find professionals who are highly experienced and have handled a considerable number of iPads. They are most likely to know how to restore your device to its pre-damaged excellent condition effectively.

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