Five Tips For Your Video Marketing Strategy

Five Tips For Your Video Marketing Strategy

You probably already know by now that video is the content that’s hitting the hardest. You just have to see the success of the TikTok platform, whose video format between 15 seconds and 1 minute has captivated millions of users worldwide.And you, how many users have you captivated?

Despite the growing supremacy of video as the most consumed format, many small and medium-sized businesses have yet to implement it in their marketing strategies. If you are one of those, don’t worry.

In this article, I bring you five essential tips when creating a good infallible video marketing strategy (or well, maybe not infallible, but quite decent).

What is video marketing going to do for me?

If I have not yet convinced you of the need to implement this strategy in your company, let me give you a few data.

Videos increase conversion rates. According to HubSpot, including a video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 80%!

If you are already managing an email marketing campaign, imagine what a video could improve your data taking into account the previous point.

Search engines love videos. Without going any further, Google takes videos into account when it comes to positioning your website.

The videos increase your credibility and trust that your customers and leads are in your business.

Videos are much more attractive and likely to be shared on social networks and, therefore, to reach many more people. A video is more likely to go viral than a simple text post.

And good? Do you already have it clear?

I’m not going to wind up anymore, and I go directly to the tips:

  1. Create a buyer persona

This step is the first step you should follow in any marketing strategy.

As you may already know, a ‘ buyer persona ‘ (another term we have adopted from English … oh, if Pérez-Reverte saw us) is a semi-fictional character, based on research, that describes your ideal client. It tells what their day-to-day is like, the difficulties they face and how they make decisions.In this way, we can adapt to the needs of our clients and make videos that adapt to them.Creating buyer personas can also help you find the best keywords for your video marketing strategy.

  1. Define a budget

One of the reasons why some companies are hesitant to implement a new video marketing strategy is because they think it will be too expensive.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, one of the common mistakes is to think that investing a lot of money is synonymous with immediate success.

New technologies have made it much easier than ever to produce a video. You just need a good Smartphone.

It is clear that with this, you will not achieve Hollywood qualities, but do not doubt that you will achieve very satisfactory results.

Define a budget that meets your needs without forgetting your target audience.

  1. Plan your campaigns well

Consistency is the key. It is of little use to make a single video and post it on your website or on social networks and forget about it. Your followers want new content!Consistency is the key to success.

Therefore, plan your video marketing strategy well and make sure that you produce varied and interesting content.

  1. Combine different types of videos and formats

Do you remember that ” in the variety is the taste “? Well, it also applies here!

There is an infinity of formats that you can use, depending on where you are going to publish it or what effect you want to achieve.

These are some of the most popular:

Explanatory videos. As the name suggests, explanatory videos explain to your audience how your business or service works. These videos should answer these three questions: What is your audience’s problem? How will your product or service solve it? Why should they choose you?

Announcements. The ads of a lifetime, the ones we see on television or the ones we skip on YouTube.

Videos of social content.

Videos of social content. They are videos created specifically for social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. They are usually short, fun, and designed to be shared.

Product videos. These tell your audience how wonderful one of your products is.Testimonials. In testimonial videos, a satisfied customer will tell on camera how good your services or products are.

Be careful because each social network has a recommended video length since our attention span is not particularly high. For example, for Instagram, 30 seconds. For Twitter, 45. On Facebook, the recommended is 1 minute, and on YouTube, 2. If you want to save more time, you can choose a video maker to create social media videos. FlexClip is one of the best I tested recently. There are many stunning templates for your reference to create the most wanted videos for your social network.

There are many more types, and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you or combine them to your liking.You can also choose the style. In this sense, I recommend animations. They are cheaper than traditional videos, and you don’t need technical material. In addition, it is becoming easier to make animated videos. Creating something truly original is difficult, but not impossible. Analyzing what your target audience sees, or what the competition does, can help you create something different. Don’t stress about the quality of the video.People prefer the real thing. Videos recorded with iPhones or “selfie” videos in motion are the order of the day. Simply create a video that is  easy to understand and does not make camera movements dizzy, you don’t need to set up a studio to record it.

There is numerous software that allows you to create high-quality animated videos from your laptop or PC. Or, if you don’t have time or want a more professional result, you can contact us, and we will do it for you.They are all advantages!

But let’s get on to the last tip.

  1. Measure your results

Check that your strategy is working. You can use the different tools that each platform offers you to analyze the impact, such as Facebook Analytics or Instagram Insights.This way, you can keep creating content that works or improve it as you see how your audience reacts.From The Video Valley, we want to help you improve the sales of your business.

At Last

Audiovisual content was the most important trend. There are several factors that influence the current success of video. First, today’s mobile technology is driving video. The vast majority of users can view this type of content from any device without any problem. Our smartphones have a high resolution and have easy-to-use cameras and editing tools. Added to all this are social networks such as Instagram or Snapchat, which are increasingly betting on this type of content. Also Facebook, which now allows you to include a video as a profile photo. What is leading many companies to bet heavily on audiovisuals. Almost all the articles, posts … that are published daily are accompanied by an image or a video, so if you don’t do video marketing, the user won’t bother to see your content. After the tips above, we want to know what you think. Has the article been useful to you?If you have any feedback or questions, do not hesitate to comment or contact us through our form.

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