Companies tax made simple with Tax Return Perth

A company tax return is specific to every company, not the business owners. (A separate individual tax return must be lodged by every owner of a company.)

Specializing in accounting and taxation advice for Australian SMEs, our experts take the worry out of your company tax return and accounting for your business… saving you time and money.

Our company tax return experts save business owners millions of dollars every year. Our CPA-qualified tax agent team is committed to knowing the complex, ever-changing “ins-and-outs” of Australian taxation.

Tax Return Perth advantages:

  1. Advice from a team that built and owns some of Australia’s top-performing online and traditional small businesses
  2. You choose the accounting and tax services you need, all in one place
  3. In-person service available in the Brisbane area, anytime you need to see someone face-to-face
  4. At Tax Return Perth, we offer you a free first consult and provide a fixed fee quote for our services.


The company tax return is to be lodged by 31st October every year. If you use a registered tax agent like Tax Return Perth, you will have time till 15th May to lodge the company tax return. As companies pay tax at a flat rate of 27.50%, they can be a significant tax planning tool for small business owners who are on a higher marginal tax rate.

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