8 Worst Auto Wrapping Mistakes You Can Make
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8 Worst Auto Wrapping Mistakes You Can Make

Auto wrapping is a swiftly growing industry with a rapid increase in personal and commercial wraps. From exclusive designs to unique colors and custom art, the liberty with auto wraps is endless in the modern-day. It is also why we see so many wrapping services opening at every corner of the street.

However, not all wrapping services are reliable. Whether you want to wrap your ride into a color of your choice or want to get it done to market your business, always opt for an expert professional. It is because doing a DIY job or getting your vehicle wrapped by an unprofessional will result in a poor-quality finish. For better comprehension, we have listed a few common auto wrapping mistakes amateur wrapping services make:

8 Worst Auto Wrapping Mistakes You Can Make

Improper trimming

A major part of the overall look with a wrap is dependent on the kind of trimming done. If the finishing isn’t proper, the entire wrap will lose its appeal and seem like a mediocre job. This part of work requires steadiness with little to no room for any errors. Furthermore, you also have to remain very composed with the amount of pressure you need to put because the paint underneath is also at stake.

Overlooking temperature

Did you know that the right temperature is critical for a proper auto wrapping job? It is because only the right kind of temperature will allow the adhesive to settle properly, ensuring a seamless application. Moreover, since certain materials require moderate temperature, it is only best to apply a wrap in a controlled environment, something only experts are able to do.

The annoying bubbles

Whether it is your phone’s screen cover or a wrap on your car, bubbles are the last thing you want on them. They look highly unprofessional and drastically deteriorate your car’s entire essence, not to mention a cheap look that nobody will like. There are proper techniques for removing bubbles. Only a professional knows better when to use a squeegee or a heat gun and when to redo the wrap from scratch.

Too much text for branding

One of the worst mistakes made by marketers opting for car wraps is that they let new wrapping services get the custom design made, which often ends up with too much text. This makes the wrap difficult to read, which will destroy the very purpose of installing it for marketing in the first place. Make sure your text is short, concise, and precise to make it easily understandable.

The design-text contrast

What’s the point of using auto wraps for marketing when potential customers won’t be able to reach your ad in the first place? While opting for colors or designs against text, you need to make sure that there is a decent contrast between the two so the ad is easily deciphered.

Not considering the vehicle

Another mistake while opting for custom auto wraps is to choose it without considering the type of vehicle it is to be wrapped on. It is because different vehicles are differently sized, which means the layout of your wrap is to be made accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to getting custom wraps made unless you know precisely what car you want to get wrapped.

Keeping the car in one piece

This may come as a shocker to you, but you need to dismantle certain parts, so your car to get the wrap perfectly fitted onto them. Some of these parts include bumpers and side mirrors due to their curvy surfaces. Not many wrapping services are professional enough to know this, resulting in an unaesthetic wrapping finish that isn’t much pleasing to the eye.


The last thing you want with an auto wrap is to make it look like patchwork. If the person applying it is not a professional, there is a good chance they would cut numerous patches and try to fill up the areas that weren’t properly covered by the wrap. In such a case, the result is pretty much always an unpleasant appearance of your car. Do not settle for a dissatisfying look from your auto wrapping job.

Avoiding these wrapping mistakes

There is no doubt in the fact that anybody would want to make sure to avoid the abovementioned wrapping mistakes. A simple and easiest solution to this is to hire the best auto mechanic services who provide auto wrapping or going for a dedicated auto wrapping service in the first place.

Professionals of the industry have spent years doing this job and know about its intricacies better than anyone. You have a few good options in Florida, like A1A Auto & Truck, among others. You can choose whichever suits you the best and hire an expert for auto wrapping to avoid the wrapping mistakes and guarantee a seamless wrap!