7 Tips For Writing Strong Letters of Recommendation

Want to get your dream job, but don’t know how to stand out from other job seekers? A recommendation letter is a tool that will help you stand out from other professionals. It is a document that represents an employee’s or student’s feedback from the employer or the teacher. A letter of recommendation can demonstrate not only the professional skills and abilities of an employee but also his personal qualities. Like dissertation writing service there are many online letter writing services available that can help you get you a perfect letter of recommendation. However, if you are writing it for your employee or student here are some tips to follow:

Tips For Writing Recommendation Letter:

1- Review The Curriculum Vitae

A good recommendation letter should complement the applicant’s resume and application form. Therefore, if you are writing this letter, it is better to review the curriculum vitae of that person. This will help you get a better understanding of their past experiences, qualification, and core skills.

2- Highlight The Strengths

It is important to know the core competencies of the person so that you can objectively reveal his strengths in the letter. For this, you can make bullet points while reviewing the background information of the person and highlight them in the letter. But remember to indicate only the business and professional qualities of the employee like his success in the workplace, etc.

3-  Mention Relevant Competencies To Applied Job

Reviews the jobs the employee is applying for, and then mention all the experience and qualities he has relevant to the applied jobs. The more the past experience is relevant to the duties of the job applied for, the more the chance of securing the opportunity of employment.

4-  Be Original

A recommendation letter for a student or an employee plays a significant role in their path of career. Therefore, be original in your writing. Don’t overdo it with praises and qualities which they don’t have. Mention the original experience you had with them and those competencies which you actually believe they have.

5- Refrain From Adding Negative Remarks

If you really want to do good to your employee or the student, be an honest evaluator but at the same time do not add negative remarks about them. The recommendation should not include false or unverified information. When such facts are revealed, the reputation of not only the person to whom the letter was issued will suffer, but also the one who issued it.

6- Be Clear In Your Writing

Any poorly written document-be it from the top assignment writing service UK or an employer is not useful for the student and the employee. Therefore, be very clear in your writing style and avoid the following mistakes:

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Avoid using adjectives
  • Avoid writing in the passive voice
  • Focus on the structure of the sentence
  • Be precise in your writing
  • Avoid vague wording, special terms, and rude expressions

7- Clear Structure

The structure of a letter of recommendation does not differ from the structure of a business letter. A letter of recommendation is an unofficial document and a review of an employee from his former manager. The structure may contain the following elements:

  • Title; Salutation
  • Information about who the applicant is to the person writing the recommendation and for how long the employer knows the applicant.
  • Confirmation of time span (from what time and in what position the employee worked in the company)
  • Feedback about the employee (achievements and description of the strengths, the success of the employee)
  • Brief personal characteristics (the applicant is distinguished by communication skills, the ability to work in a team, etc.)
  • Reasons for leaving the company (this is not a mandatory item)
  • Contact information (position, name, company, phone, email address of the former employer).
  • Since a letter of recommendation is a business letter, a manager who cares about his reputation should write a letter that follows the rules of office work.

Final Words

If a recommendation is written by an ordinary employee of the enterprise, it must be signed by an employee in a higher position. Only then, the recommendation will have sufficient weight and solidity in the eyes of the person for whom it is intended.

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